Our SaturdaysInRome blog is a celebration of the beautiful sites in Rome, the unique Italian culture and the delicious food and wine that can be found all across Italy. We hope that as you look at the photography and read the blog posts you can feel at least a small part of the joy that we feel living in Rome.

Anyone planning a vacation in Rome who could use some guidance on how to prepare, what to see, what to eat and how to get around the city will find this blog a valuable resource, but you can also simply enjoy the photography and try some of the recipes and enjoy the experience in your home!

Regarding the name of this website, it was inspired by a documentary called: A Map For Saturday by Brook Silva-Braga, the film’s producer. The idea for the name came from his experiences with long-term budget travel and how you can lose track of the days, making every day feel like Saturday. The title is fitting because for us, everyday in Rome feels like Saturday!