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Ciampino Airport In Rome Might Be A Great Option For You

Ciampino Airport in Rome, officially known as Giovan Battista Pastine International Airport, might be a good alternative to Fiumicino if you travel to Rome.

Ciampino Airport In Rome - Departures

Only RyanAir and WIZZ Air

Why Would You Choose Ciampino Airport In Rome?

Ciampino was Rome’s main airport until 1960, until the opening of Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport. Ciampino handled almost exclusively charter and executive flights for more than three decades, and after decades of stagnation in scheduled traffic, low-cost carriers have boosted Ciampino Airport. Today, it is one of the busiest and fastest growing airports in Italy.

There are a number of reasons why you might choose Rome’s Ciampino airport. Among these are:

  • You want to avoid the crowds.
  • It is more convenient than Fiumicino Airport in Rome.
  • You are flying a European budget airline that only services Ciampino Airport.

Admittedly, this is a short list. Ciampino Airport is very small and is probably only of value to a small number of travelers. Even though it is called an “International” airport, the reality is that if you are flying from the US, there will be no direct flights to Ciampino. It is possible if you fly to another European country and connect with a budget airline, you might find yourself at Ciampino.

Where is Ciampino Airport?

The Rome Ciampino Airport is located approximately 7 miles southeast of the center of Rome, Italy. It is just outside the GRA (Grande Raccordo Anulare) in the city of Ciampino. It is a multi-use airport that services commercial, private and military aviation needs.

Ciampino Airport In Rome - Entrance

Ciampino Airport Entrance

What Can You Do At Ciampino Airport In Rome?

That is a good question. There are limited services available, so in all honesty, you can fly on a budget European airline, grab something at McDonalds to eat or use the airport as a transfer point to go somewhere else. For example, there are some great wineries in the area that you can walk to from the airport. Just an idea.

Who Flies To And From Ciampino Airport In Rome?

On the Ciampino Airport management website, the list of airlines that service the airport is a little tricky to navigate and it is easy to unexpectedly jump to the Fiumicino pages of the site, as they are managed by the same organization, the ADR (Aeroporti di Roma). When I visited the airport, I saw only RyanAir and WizzAir having a check-in area and were listed on the Departures/Arrivals screens. If you are flying anything other than WizzAir or Ryanair, you are probably flying out of the Fiumicino Airport.

If you can deal with the well-documented hassles that come with flying on a European budget airline, there are some great deals to be found flying out of Ciampino Airport. From Rome, as of today, you can fly to Malta for €85 and London for €115. Certainly worthy of consideration for the budget traveler with a lot of patience.

Who Else Uses Ciampino Airport?

As mentioned, the airport is more than just a commercial hub. The military and civilian aviation needs include: a fleet of aerial firefighting aircraft, express logistics companies like DHL, and official flights of the Italian Government. There is also a  smaller general aviation terminal, but most civilian flights have been transferred to small civilian Urbe Airport in the north of Rome.

Ciampino Airport In Rome FAQs

One of the benefits of traveling out of Rome Ciampino Airport is how easy it is to get to. You can easily reach it by bus, taxi, train or ride sharing.

Ciampino Airport In Rome - Helicopter

Tribute To First Helicopter Flight

How Much Is A Taxi From Rome Ciampino Airport To City Center?

Taxis that you can use to reach the historic center of Rome stop in the square in front of the airport. From Ciampino Airport to the center of Rome, within the Aurelian Walls, takes approximately 30 minutes and the Taxi costs a fixed rate of €31.00 inclusive, per car.

How Much Is The Bus From Rome Ciampino Airport To City Center?

There are two Rome city bus lines that make reaching and leaving Rome Ciampino airport very easy. There is the #720 bus that connects the airport to the Roma Laurentina metro stop, and #520  that connects the airport to the Roma Cinecittà and Subaugusta metro stops. Check out ATAC for more information.

There is also the ATRAL bus service that connects the airport to the Anagnina Metro A station to reach any area of Rome. The bus ride lasts approximately 20 minutes.

The cost is €1.20 per passenger for a single journey. Tickets can be purchased at the info box at the airport, directly onboard or at authorized resellers.

Is There Train Service From Rome Ciampino Airport To City Center?

Since 2019, the Trenitalia Ciampino Airlink combined train and bus service connects the center of Rome and Ciampino Airport. Close to the entrance of the airport, the bus connection, which leaves every 20 minutes from the square opposite the airport, takes passengers to the Ciampino Station, which will bring you to Termini. The trip to Termini lasts less than 40 minutes and costs a very reasonable €2.70.

More Information About Rome Travel

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Ciampino Airport In Rome - Not Crowded

Not A Busy Airport

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