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The Leonardo Express Tickets And Times To The Rome Airport

With Leonardo Express tickets and these few simple tips, you will easily be able to navigate from Rome’s airport to the city center easily after your flight.

Leonardo Express Tickets - Early Train

Rise And Shine In Rome

After a long night of traveling, assuming you came directly from the US, all you want to do is get to your hotel in the center of Rome, but the reality is you are exhausted, stressed and want to do as little thinking as possible. I’ve been there. Luckily, the easiest way to reach Rome’s city center is to take the Leonardo Express train from the Fiumicino train station.

Where Do I Catch The Leonardo Express In Rome’s Fiumicino Airport?

Much of this description assumes you landed in Terminal #3, for international flights, but if you had a connection in Europe or were coming from somewhere else, you probably landed in Fiumicino’s Terminal #2. Luckily, walking between terminals is easy.

Leonardo Express Tickets - Rome Termini Station Arrival

Arrived In Rome Termini Station

If you want to reach the Fiumicino Airport Train Station, after getting your luggage and passing through security, exit the arrivals area and cross the street heading towards the parking garage. You will begin to see signs for the Rome trains.

Finding The Fiumicino Airport Train Station

Once you cross the street outside of terminal #2, look for a rounded covered escalator. It looks like what I can only describe as a Habitrail tube, if you remember those. It will bring you up to the Departure level and following the signs, it will wind you back into the Fiumicino Airport train station.

How Much Are The Leonardo Express Tickets From Rome Fiumicino Airport To Termini Station?

This is where you will need to use your remaining attention span, because you want to make sure you pay €14 per ticket. If you see something less expensive, €8 for example, it is not for the Leonardo Express train, but a regional instead.

You can be certain that the ticket agents and conductors are watching what tickets you buy and which trains you are planning to take. If you buy the €8 ticket for the regional train, they will confirm with you that you aren’t taking the Leonardo Express train and the conductor on the train will not be too pleased if you have the wrong ticket. These regional trains are useful if you are going anywhere other than Termini, but they have more stops and possibly a transfer, depending on your final destination.

Where Can I Buy The Leonardo Express Tickets In The Rome Fiumicino Airport?

You have three options for buying your tickets for the Leonardo Express train. When you enter the Fiumicino train station, you will notice the Trenitalia ticket machines (labeled: biglietti) and if there isn’t too long of a line, and if they are functioning, these will be your best bet because you can set the language to English, if that is important for you. Be sure to indicate your destination as Termini station, the correct number of travelers and that they cost €14.

Leonardo Expresso Tickets - customer service

Customer Assistance In Termini Station

Your second choice for buying tickets on the Leonardo Express Train is to use the ticket counter for TrenItalia on the right (when coming from the Airport). Don’t expect that they speak English, but you might get lucky and talk to someone that knows enough. It is the same price and they will be able to answer any questions you have, if there isn’t a language barrier.

Buying Leonardo Express Train Tickets Online 

This third option might not be for you. If you use an app on which you can buy train, bus or metro tickets, like the one I use: MyCicero, you can use this for your Leonardo Express train tickets. While I do recommend a travel app like these, that might be difficult to manage right when you land.

How Often Does The Leonardo Express Train Run?

The train runs everyday, and it is guaranteed to run even if there is a travel strike (sciopero), which is not uncommon. The service is operational, departing from Rome Termini, from 05:20 AM to 10:35 PM, and departing from Fiumicino Airport from 06:08 AM to 11.23 PM. There are only two points of embarkation, Termini Station and Fiumicino Airport. The trains run, depending on the time of day, either every 30 minutes for off-peak times, or every 15 minutes for peak times.

Where Do I Catch The Leonardo Express In Rome’s Termini Station?

Your options for buying the tickets for the Leonardo Express train are similar at Roma Termini Station as they are at Fiumicino Airport, which I described above. You can use the ticket machines, talk to someone at the TrenItalia ticket counter or buy them online. If you have been in Rome for some time, and you are returning home, you might have used an app like MyCicero and if so, you can buy your tickets online.

Leonardo Express Tickets - Sign For Fiumicino

Look For This Sign In Termini Station

Once you have a ticket, pass through the security gates that are between the station and the train tracks (binario) and head to the right. They are typically on tracks #23 and #24, which are furthest to the right, sort of. There are more tracks to the right, but they are set back from the station pretty far, and could take 5 to 10 minutes to walk to them as they aren’t even visible from the security gates.

Do I Need To Validate The Train Tickets?

I don’t believe you need to validate the tickets, like you would on the bus, but I usually do it anyways. The tickets can be used on the train you reserved, or any other train in the same direction on the same day. Don’t buy them ahead of time, unless you correctly indicate your actual day of travel.

How Far Is The Rome Termini Station To The Fiumicino Airport?

Assuming everything is running on time, the trip should last only 32 minutes from gate to gate. The driving distance, which takes approximately the same amount of time, is around 18 miles (approximately 30 km).

Leonardo Express Tickets - Seating

Settle In For The Ride

More Information For Traveling Around Rome And Italy

Certainly buying Leonardo Express tickets and getting to Rome’s city center will be your most immediate travel need, but for more information on getting around Rome and Italy, you may find these useful as well: 

Leonardo Express Tickets - By TrenItalia

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