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Is La Casa Del Caffè Tazza d’Oro The Best Coffee In Rome?

Visiting La Casa Del Caffè Tazza d’Oro is an authentic Italian experience at an amazing coffee shop for a quick espresso during your next vacation in Rome.

la casa del caffe tazza d'oro - Cups

Cups Ready For Espresso

When you are in Rome for the first time, it is likely that you will make a stop inside the Pantheon. When you do, if you are also feeling like you need a boost of energy, you definitely should grab a quick espresso at the famous La Casa Del Caffè Tazza d’Oro Coffee Shop. This coffee roaster was established in 1944 and is the only artisan roaster remaining in the heart of the historic center (centro storico) of Rome.

Bialetti Moka – Silver

The Moka Express is the original stovetop espresso maker and is the Italian way of preparing a delicious coffee that dates back to 1933.

The bar is more formally known as: La Casa del Caffè al Pantheon, which was founded in 1946 as a place for tasting their different blends and is known for having what they believe is the best coffee in the world.

Years ago, we had a business that sold Italian coffee in the US, and we learned through our customer feedback that the popularity of this coffee is an example of people wanting to enjoy their Roman experiences again, but after returning home from their amazing vacation.

Where Is La Casa Del Caffè Tazza d’Oro Located?

The bar is conveniently located near the Pantheon and it is a definite must if you want to try authentic Italian coffee. It is located at: Via degli Orfani, 84, which is behind you when you are looking at the front of the Pantheon from the fountain. Turn around and head to the small street in the right hand corner of the piazza.

How Is The Coffee At La Casa Del Caffè Tazza d’Oro?

Bialetti Moka – Brikka

This newer model Moka from Bialetti can produce the delicious crema that is usually missing from a stove-top espresso maker.

You won’t find anything more authentically Italian in Rome than this coffee bar, so I strongly recommend giving it a try. I usually take my coffee “black”, so as you might expect, I like it pretty strong. The Tazza D’Oro coffee has a lot of flavor, but I wouldn’t call it very strong. I would say that the roast is well balanced with a goal of attracting a very wide international audience, which it does. I enjoy it very much and I can understand why it is so popular, but my daily cup is from another roaster.

la casa del caffe tazza d'oro - Barista

Barista And His Machine

What Can I Buy At La Casa Del Caffè Tazza d’Oro?

In addition to some delicious, freshly brewed coffee, there are also a wide range of things you can bring home with you, should you desire. Coffee beans are available in soft packs, cans, jute bags and capsules. In addition, the beans can be ground to different levels of fineness for different uses, like:

  • American-style Filtered Coffee Grind

  • Italian Moka Grind

  • French Press Grind

  • Turkish Grind

In addition to the coffee, you can also buy candies, coffee liqueur, espresso cups, Espresso makers and various designs as well as gift packs of these products for the coffee lover at home.

What Is The Meaning Of Tazza In Italian?

Bialetti Moka – Mukka

This original design lets you make a delicious Cappuccino at home on the stove-top by whipping the milk to a soft foam in the Moka pot.

In the most general sense, Tazza simply means cup or cupful. In Italy, tazza and tazzina, which is an espresso cup, are commonly used when referring to coffee but you will also see them used with other beverages, like milk and hot chocolate. For example, the measurement of the stovetop espresso maker known as the Moka is measured in tazzine. I use a 3-cup moka (tre tazzine) every morning.

What Is The Meaning Of Tazza D’Oro?

Tazza means cup and Oro means gold, so you should read Tazza D’Oro as a Cup of Gold or a Golden Cup. This color theme runs through their branding quite a bit. Gold is part of their logo, signs and they even sell porcelain coffee cups that are gold colored.

Is Coffee Important In Italian Culture?

Coffee in Italy is ubiquitous and it is an important part of everyday life. There are a wide range of espresso based drinks that can be enjoyed all day long and can also be used as a social lubricant, even more than in the US. There are regional differences in coffee styles that are loved by the locals that are produced both by large roasters as well as smaller local roasters which can vary largely and subtly.

la casa del caffe tazza d'oro - Saucer and Spoon

Saucer And Spoon

Why Is Coffee So Important To Italians?

Most Italians I have met enjoy their favorite coffee everyday and some of the reasons should be familiar to Americans. They need to boost in the morning to face the day, they enjoy the taste of coffee, it is a habit they can’t or don’t want to break and because it can be a moment of relaxation during a busy day. The approach to coffee is different, even if the needs are the same.

What Is The Difference Between Italian And American Coffee Culture?

On a personal level, the biggest difference I have noticed and embraced is how much and how frequently the coffee is consumed. When I lived in the US, I would typically brew a pot of coffee that I would consume with my breakfast. If need be, I would bring the coffee to work with me in the car. After this morning’s jolt, I would rarely have more coffee because it would upset my sleep.

In Italy, the morning starts with an espresso, but not the full day’s supply. A bit to get you going with the expectation of more to come. Having an espresso break mid-morning is common, as well as after lunch, in the afternoon and after dinner. Spreading it out like this, for some reason I can’t explain, doesn’t affect my sleep, but it does give me that boost of energy throughout the day.

There is also a social aspect to having coffee during the day that is less common in the US. Morning and afternoon breaks are used to step away from work and have a relaxed chat. In the US, my experience of sitting around, having coffee and chatting has been limited to my relatives that are retired going to a diner with friends or young people on a first, “safe” date.

la casa del caffe tazza d'oro - Logo

Tazza d’Oro Logo

Learn More About Italian Coffee Culture

La Casa Del Caffè Tazza d’Oro coffee shop is only one of an almost endless supply of amazing coffee roasters in Italy and I plan to review more of my favorites. If you are interested in learning more about the Italian coffee culture and delicious opportunities to experience it, check out some of our other posts:

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