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The “Made In Italy” Label Leads To Quality Italian Products

The “Made In Italy” label can be your guide to authentic Italian products ranging from clothing to food to home goods with certified Italian quality and style.

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Depending on where you live, finding products that were made in your home country, or one that you love, can be difficult to find with any certainty. The “Made In Italy” label found on Italian products helps by labeling different products that are planned, manufactured and packed in Italy.

More recently the “Made In Italy” label has been used more closely with Italian exports to not only promote Italian goods, but to differentiate them from cheap knockoff products that we have seen take over the shelves for years. The Italian government and the Chamber of Commerce work together to promote the “Made In Italy” moniker to promote Italian products and culture worldwide.

What Does “Made In Italy” Signify?

In a technical sense, the “Made In Italy” label means that a product is entirely planned, manufactured and packed in Italy. Compare this to the “Made in USA” label, which indicates a product is “all or virtually all” domestically produced, manufactured and assembled.

According to the Italian Trade Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation:

“When products and services are ‘Made in Italy’, they adhere to the highest standards of quality and excellence. It is therefore important for both producers and consumers to adopt measures to protect original goods from counterfeiting. But how can you be certain that the product comes from a reliable origin? It’s simple: follow the advice of experts!”

The Italian Trade Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
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Does “Made In Italy” Mean Quality?

If you search around the internet, you will find that to some people “Made In Italy” means quality products made of quality materials designed with an Italian sense of style. The level of quality isn’t a deciding factor for those companies that look to be certified to carry the “Made In Italy” label, but when you review the well-known Italian products that carry the label, you will find a group of Italian products with common traits of great quality, style and cultural importance.

The trade association calls it Quality Without Compromise (Qualità Senza Compromessi) and describes it as:

“ is the guardian of uncompromising quality. Every product brought to light by our Accredited Italian Producers is the result of years of experience, passion and dedication. Every detail is taken care of with the utmost precision, ensuring that every customer experiences perfection in every purchase.”

What Brands Have The “Made In Italy” Label?

Some of the most icon Italian brands carry the “Made In Italy” label, and the one I use everyday is Bialetti, but there are quite a few other brands that carry this label that you probably will recognize, like:

  • CarsFerrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and Fiat
  • FashionArmaniFendi, Gucci and Prada
  • FoodBarilla, Ferrero, De Cecco, Perugina and Campari 
  • Home GoodsAlessi, De’Longhi, Bialetti and Smeg

The successful integration of design and production have made Italy one of the biggest exporters of apparel in the world. An important piece of this sector are the textiles that are sourced with meticulous attention to detail and are symbolic of quality and tradition.  Italian fashion dates back to the 1500s, like leather goods, which demonstrate Italian craftsmanship.

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How Do You Tell If A Product Is Made In Italy?

The “Made In Italy” certification is issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers (Istituto Tutela Produttori Italiani). Goods displaying the 100% “Made in Italy” certification marks can be considered true Italian products. These certification marks include labeling as “Made In Italy”:

  • On The Product
  • On The Packaging
  • Adhesive Label
  • On Retailers’ Shop Windows.

Why Is “Made In Italy” So Popular?

Ever since the post-World War II period of recovery in Italy, products with the label “Made In Italy” have conferred on them the belief of fine quality, an elegant sense of style and a way of life that people around the world strive to replicate. The Italian aesthetics, combined with technology and innovation have a long history of grabbing a consumer’s attention and not letting go. Italian culture and traditions are an obsession for many in the US and around the world and the “Made In Italy” labels provide a path to experience it yourself.

Are There Any Human Rights Issues With “Made In Italy”?

Over the years, one of the reasons that people migrated to purchasing products made in Italy was because of the Worker’s Rights and Human Rights issues related to products made in China. Unfortunately, these concerns are relevant in Italy because of what has been reported as Chinese owned factories that import and exploit a Chinese immigrant work-force in Italy. This is able to thrive because while the “Made In Italy” label requires the products to be made in Italy, the national origin of the craftsmen or workers is not considered.

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Not Made In Italy

Find “Made In Italy” Products In Rome

The next time you are in Rome and you want to search out some authentic products with the  “Made In Italy” label, be sure to stop by the mall, outlet or thrift store for some of the most iconic and beautiful products in the world. These treasures will be great to bring home and remember the great times you had in Rome.

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