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The Colosseum At Night Tour Is A Worthwhile Experience

The Colosseum at night is one of the most amazing sites in Rome and these are the reasons that you should plan to experience the night tour on your next visit.

Colosseum At Night - Meeting Place

Nightly Meeting Place

When you are visiting Rome, Italy for the first time, you probably have visiting the Colosseum on your short list of things to do, and you should. There are, however, many different ways to visit the Colosseum and one of them is at night. In this post I’ll step through what you should expect during a Colosseum night tour, known as: Luna Sul Colosseo  and help you decide if it is right for you.

How Do I Get Tickets For The Colosseum At Night Tour?

The only allowable way to buy tickets, without going through a broker, is to purchase tickets for any of the options available on the website for Società Cooperativa Culture, also known as Coop Culture. My tickets for the Colosseum Night Tour cost €25, but you should definitely check the website for price changes and availability. On this website you can buy tickets to a wide range of cultural destinations like the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and The Roman Forum.

Colosseum At Night - Tour

Colosseum At Night

When you buy the tickets online, you have two different options for using your tickets:

  • Print@home – If you have chosen this delivery method, attached to the confirmation email you will find the tickets in pdf format. You will be able to print the tickets at home or your hotel.

  • Pickup at the Ticket Office – If you have chosen this delivery method, you will show your booking confirmation and PNR at the ticket office to collect your access tickets.

I wrote a helpful post about buying tickets for the Colosseum (among other sites) and I recommend that you check this out before making plans. The night tour is in high demand, and it isn’t offered as frequently as the daytime tours, so this might take a few tries. It not only took a few tries for me, but once I was able to reserve my spot, I was contacted by email and it was explained to me that the date I chose was no longer available, and my reservation would be moved out 4 weeks. This wasn’t a problem for me, since I live here, but if you are visiting you would also have the opportunity to cancel and get a refund. Flexibility is the key here.

What Should I Expect During The Tour Of The Colosseum At Night?

All visitors need to arrive at the Colosseum already in possession of their access pass at least 15 minutes before the tour starting time. Wearing comfortable shoes is recommended due to all the cobblestones and uneven flooring all around the amphitheater. You can’t enter the monument with bottles, glass containers, alcoholic drinks or spray cans. There are ramps and elevators for people with mobility issues, but I can’t guarantee that you will see everything on the tour because we were required to climb some narrow, steep steps when we moved from the subterranean level to the arena floor. 

The meeting point, which you should arrive at 15 minutes before the start of the visit, is at Valadier gate. I didn’t see anything labeled, but it is the only place of entry and there are security guards at the entrance, so it will be easy to spot.

Colosseum At Night - Multiple Seating Levels

Multiple Seating Levels

What’s Included In The Ticket Price?

You will be granted access to the Colosseum on the date specified on your ticket and only for the person indicated on the ticket. Additionally, and most importantly, you will experience an educational evening visit to the Colosseum Underground and Arena led by one of their very informative tour guides in the language that you chose (English is available).

What’s Not Included In The Ticket Price?

Because of the lighting limitations, and the time required, your visit to the Colosseum will include only the underground and the arena floor. The “ordinary” route that will take you up above the arena floor will not be included.

Do You Need ID If You Have Colosseum Tickets?

Due to recent changes in an effort to reduce the scalping or hoarding of tickets, the tickets for the Colosseum are considered “nominative” because it bears the visitor’s name. It will not be possible to modify the name after the purchase and if it doesn’t match your ID, you will not be allowed access to the Colosseum, nor will any refund be granted.

Can I Go To The Colosseum At Night?

Yes, this Colosseum night tour, known as the Luna Sul Colosseo is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed if you are visiting Rome or simply want to see the arena in a new “light” and from a different perspective. 

Can You Enter The Colosseum Late?

Yes, you can. The Luna Sul Colosseo is this amazing night tour of the Colosseum that you should consider as a part of your visit to Rome. The CoopCulture website, where you can buy your tickets, is a little out of date but it says that tours run from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM, but that is probably only early in the season because it is still light at 6:00 PM even in April. My ticket was for 10:00 PM, which was pitch dark and the best way to see the Colosseum.

Colosseum At Night - Subterranean Levels

Subterranean Levels

When Is Best Time To Visit The Colosseum At Night?

For this Colosseum night tour, my recommendation is to go when you are certain that it will be dark out. Earlier times won’t be as dramatic if there is still some daylight, so follow my lead and look for the 10:00 PM tickets, if they are available.

Is The Colosseum At Night Illuminated?

There is lighting all around the path of this night tour, and you should be comforted in the fact that you will be able to see everything on the Colosseum tour regardless of how late you enjoy it. That said, these are smaller strings of lights and not giant flood lights, so for example the entire arena floor will not be illuminated, but you will be able to get an amazing view of the tunnels and levels all around you.

Should You Take The Colosseum At Night Tour?

My recommendation is you should definitely take the Colosseum tour at night. This is a unique experience that gives you the opportunity to see the Colosseum from a new perspective with a guide that will make this experience unforgettable. For me, this is my fourth tour of the Colosseum and I was excited to do it.

My only caveat is if you, like me, already did the Colosseum Underground tour. This tour covers the same ground, but during the day, so you won’t learn much new information. You will, however, see things in a new light and from a new perspective, so if that is important to you, then full steam ahead with your Night Tour experience.

Colosseum At Night - Loser's Exit And Sewers

Loser’s Exit and Sewers

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