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My Gelateria Fassi In Rome Review is Why You Need Some

Gelateria Fassi only has one location in Rome, but after reading my review I’m sure you will understand why you need to experience it on your next Rome visit.

gelateria fassi - Reasonable Price

Reasonably Priced

When you are enjoying Rome in the blazing hot summer months, we are lucky that gelato, which is Italian ice cream, can be found on almost every corner in Rome. The gelato shops, known as a gelateria, can vary in quality, reputation and style so I wanted to review some of the most popular and some of my favorites.

I would recommend not focusing on finding “The Best” gelato in Rome, but rather avoiding some of the more obvious signs of lower quality and trying as many others that you can find. Gelato is amazing and shouldn’t be avoided in an attempt to find the best gelato in Rome.

What Is Gelateria Fassi?

Gelateria Fassi is a classic and enduring gelateria with one location in Rome, at: Via Principe Eugenio 65/67, 00185. It has a long history that started in 1875 when Giacomo and Giuseppina Fassi arrived in Rome and in 1880 they opened a small shop that began with the sale of ice and beer, a winning combination at the time and in the meantime they were experimenting with sorbets.

In 1900, when Vittorio Emanuele III became king, Giovanni Fassi became an apprentice pastry chef and ice cream maker at the royal house, immediately gaining the reputation of “sovereign ice cream maker”.

gelateria fassi - Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet

Since 2014, Andrea Fassi has been the managing director of the Palazzo del Freddo, as the gelateria is known, and responsible for production both in Italy and abroad. The flavors you can enjoy at this gelateria included the classic flavors, as well as some more inventive flavors: Lemon, Eggnog, Pistachio, Mango, Hazelnut, Rice, Coffee, Chocolate Chip, Sicilian Cassata, Chocolate, Banana, Gianduia (which is like Nutella), Tiramisu, Chestnut and others.

Where Can I Find Gelateria Fassi In Rome?

In Rome, you can find Gelateria Fassi at only 1 location in the city: Via Principe Eugenio 65/67, 00185. The gelateria is close to Termini Station, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and the Major Basilica of Holy Mary (Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore).

In addition to the single location in Rome, there are 82 other locations worldwide, mostly in South Korea. There are franchising opportunities available if you are interested in opening your own Gelateria Fassi.

How Is Gelato Made In Italy?

There are differences in the ingredients used in Gelato and Ice Cream. For example, in the US, more cream is used and in Italy milk is used to reach a lower fat content. The gelato in Italy also uses more sugar, which is surprising to me because generally things are much sweeter in the US than in Italy. Also, in the US, egg whites can be included, but aren’t part of a typical Italian gelato recipe.

gelateria fassi - Traditional Flavors

Traditional Flavors & More

To put some real numbers to it, gelato typically contains 4-8% fat as compared to the 14-16% found in ice cream in the US. Gelato also contains less air than most ice cream and because of this, it is more dense and richer in flavor. Scoop for scoop, you get more gelato and less air than you would when you get ice cream.

Why Does Gelato Not Freeze?

Gelato is not made to be frozen because it usually isn’t stored, but eaten immediately after ordering it. It CAN freeze, which I can personally attest to after having ordered some gelato to be delivered, but then putting some in the freezer to store overnight. It froze solid, which is different from how it is served in a gelateria. It is just below freezing, very soft and doesn’t last long.

What’s In Gelato Ice Cream?

Gelato is similar to the many types of ice cream across Europe and the US, but it is unique in its own ways. Gelato contains less air, is creamier, sweeter and comes with an amazing range of flavors, like fresh fruit, nuts like Pistachio and many different types of chocolate. There are some gelaterias that go even further than tradition usually allows, but my tastes for delicious gelato lean more traditional.

How Much Does Gelato Cost In Rome Italy?

Gelato is very affordable, especially when you are walking around the city experiencing the oppressive Roman heat. Of course, there are exceptions for fancy, high-end gelaterias and restaurants, but generally you can get a small cone for €2-3 up to a larger cone (or cup) for €6-7. It is common to choose multiple flavors for a single cone, and a popular addition is to add whipped cream (panna) on top. I usually skip the panna, but it is a popular addition for many folks.

gelateria fassi - large

Large Gelateria With Seating

How To Spot Good Gelato In Rome?

When you are looking for gelato, you should definitely try any place that looks good, but are there some signs of lower quality gelaterias that you should skip? Yes, these are a couple of pointers that you should pay attention to:

  • Color – the super bright and glowing colors are unnatural and should be avoided. Dull colors are more authentic, like banana gelato that isn’t bright yellow and pistachio flavored that is a very dull gray/green color. These are signs of quality.
  • Container – plastic bins are a dead giveaway that the quality is low. Only stainless steel bins should be used. In addition, the gelato should NOT be overflowing the container. This is a sure sign that too much air has been whipped into the gelato and is lower in quality.
  • Taste – Most importantly, you can usually ask for a small taste to make sure you are choosing something you will enjoy. I heard about a gelateria that uses some strange flavors, like Cacio e Pepe gelato, but doesn’t allow for a taste. I would skip a place like this. 

Is Gelateria Fassi The Best Gelato In Rome?

Gelateria Fassi is one of the highest quality gelaterias in Rome and one that you should definitely try. It is my favorite gelateria in Rome, as of today, because of the amazing flavors, but also the history, influences and inventiveness will keep me coming back. Luckily we don’t live too far away from this neighborhood!

gelateria fassi - One Location

Rome Location

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