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Giolitti Gelato, Rome Is A Favorite Place For Some Dessert

Giolitti Gelato, Rome is very popular with tourists and local politicians alike and this review will help you understand why it needs to be part of your plans.

giolitti gelato rome - Amazing

Gelato Is Amazing!

When you are enjoying Rome in the blazing hot summer months, we are lucky that gelato shops can be found on almost every corner in Rome. The gelato shop, known as a gelateria, can vary in quality, reputation and style so I wanted to review some of the most popular and some of my favorites.

Don’t bother spending too much time trying to find “The Best” gelato in Rome because you might miss out on something amazing that influencers aren’t aware of. More important is avoiding some of the more obvious signs of lower quality and trying as many gelaterias that you can find. Gelato is amazing and shouldn’t be avoided in an attempt to find the best gelato in Rome. Much like pizza: When it’s good, it’s great, but when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good!

What Is Giolitti Gelato, Rome?

The antique Gelateria and Pasticceria known as Giolitti is a popular stop for tourists and locals alike and they are well known for their gelato and pastries. but don’t miss an opportunity to try some of their delicious espresso as well.

The history of Giolitti began in 1890 when Giuseppe and Bernardina Giolitti opened a dairy and sold home-produced milk from the pastures of the Roman countryside. These days the same amazing flavors of the past can be found, with fresh and natural products appreciated all over the world.

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Delicious Inside And Out

Where Is Giolitti Gelato, Rome?

Giolitti is a historical meeting place for Romans, as well as the numerous members of the Chamber of Deputies, and it is also a must for foreign visitors who flock to the city of Rome all year round.

This gelateria pasticceria is located on Via Uffici del Vicario, 40 which is near the Parliament building and popular with politicians of all persuasions. It is very conveniently located to a number of popular sites, for example: 

  • It is a couple blocks north of your visit inside the Pantheon.

  • It is a block west of the political hub of Palazzo Chigi and Piazza Colonna.

  • It is a couple blocks northeast of Piazza Navona.

  • It is a couple blocks west of the main shopping street of Via del Corso.

How Is Gelato Made In Italy?

There are differences in the ingredients used in Gelato and Ice Cream. For example, in the US, more cream is used and in Italy milk is used to reach a lower fat content. The gelato in Italy also uses more sugar, which is surprising to me because generally things are much sweeter in the US than in Italy. Also, in the US, egg whites can be included, but aren’t part of a typical Italian gelato recipe.

To put some real numbers to it, gelato typically contains 4-8% fat as compared to the 14-16% found in ice cream in the US. Gelato also contains less air than most ice cream and because of this, it is more dense and richer in flavor. Scoop for scoop, you get more gelato and less air than you would when you get ice cream.

Why Does Gelato Not Freeze?

Gelato is not made to be completely frozen because it usually isn’t stored, but eaten immediately after ordering it. It CAN freeze, which I can personally attest to after having ordered some gelato to be delivered, but then putting some in the freezer to store overnight. It froze solid, which is different from how it is served in a gelateria. It is just below freezing, very soft and doesn’t last long.

giolitti gelato rome - So Many Flavors

So Many Flavors!

What’s In Gelato Ice Cream?

Gelato is similar to the many types of ice cream across Europe and the US, but it is unique in its own ways. Gelato contains less air, is creamier, sweeter and comes with an amazing range of flavors, like fresh fruit, nuts like Pistachio and many different types of chocolate. There are some gelaterias that go even further than tradition usually allows, but my tastes for delicious gelato lean more traditional.

How Much Does Gelato Cost In Rome Italy?

Gelato is very affordable, especially when you are walking around the city experiencing the oppressive Roman heat. Of course, there are exceptions for fancy, high-end gelaterias and restaurants, but generally you can get a small cone for €2-3 up to a larger cone (or cup) for €6-7. It is common to choose multiple flavors for a single cone, and a popular addition is to add whipped cream (panna) on top. I usually skip the panna, but it is a popular addition for many folks.

How To Spot Good Gelato In Rome?

When you are looking for gelato, you should definitely try any place that looks good, but are there some signs of lower quality gelaterias that you should skip? Yes, these are a couple of pointers that you should pay attention to:

  • Color – the super bright and glowing colors are unnatural and should be avoided. Dull colors are more authentic, like banana gelato that isn’t bright yellow and pistachio flavored that is a very dull gray/green color. These are signs of quality.

  • Container – plastic bins are a dead giveaway that the quality is low. Only stainless steel bins should be used. In addition, the gelato should NOT be overflowing the container. This is a sure sign that too much air has been whipped into the gelato and is lower in quality.

  • Taste – Most importantly, you can usually ask for a small taste to make sure you are choosing something you will enjoy. I heard about a gelateria that uses some strange flavors, like Cacio e Pepe gelato, but doesn’t allow for a taste. I would skip a place like this.

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Gianduja Is My New Passion

Is Giolitti Gelato, Rome The Best?

The Antica Gelateria Pasticceria of Giolitti is one of the highest quality gelaterias in Rome and one that you should definitely try. It is among my favorite gelaterias in Rome because of the amazing flavors, but also the history, influences and inventiveness will keep me coming back. When I am in the neighborhood, I will definitely make a stop for a gelato and an espresso just to brighten my day a bit.

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