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Authentic Gelato In Rome Can Be Difficult To Find

Authentic gelato in Rome is mixed among lower quality versions that make it tricky to find quality when you are desperate for gelato, so let this guide you.

Authentic Gelato In Rome - Cup or Cone

Cup or Cone?

How Much Does Authentic Gelato In Rome Cost?

Gelato is very affordable, especially when you are walking around the city experiencing the oppressive Roman heat and these gelateria are no exception. Generally, you can get a small cone for around €3 up to a large cone for around €5 or €6. Their cups are the same price, but if their waffle cones are made in-house, that would definitely be my favorite.

It is common to choose multiple flavors for a single cone or cup and a popular addition is to add whipped cream (panna) on top. I usually skip the panna, but it is a popular addition for many folks.

How To Find Authentic Gelato In Rome?

When you are looking for authentic gelato, you should definitely try any place that looks good, but are there some signs of lower quality gelaterias that you should skip? Yes, these are a couple of pointers that you should pay attention to:

  • Color – The super bright and glowing colors are unnatural and should be avoided. Dull colors are more authentic, like banana gelato that isn’t bright yellow and pistachio flavored that is a very dull gray/green color. These are signs of a more natural and higher quality gelato.

  • Container – Plastic bins are a dead giveaway that the quality is low. Only stainless steel bins should be used. In addition, the gelato should NOT be overflowing the container. This is a sure sign that too much air has been whipped into the gelato and is lower in quality. An additional sign of higher quality is that the stainless steel bins have lids on them so they aren’t exposed to the air too much.

  • Tasting – Most importantly, you can usually ask for a small taste to make sure you are choosing something you will enjoy. I heard about a gelateria that uses some strange flavors, like Cacio e Pepe gelato, but doesn’t allow for a taste. I would skip a place like this. Gelaterias are proud of their products and want to make sure that you get what you will like.

Authentic Gelato In Rome - chocolate

All About The Chocolate

Authentic Gelato In Rome That I Recommend

These are gelaterias that I have personally enjoyed in 2023 and while they were all delicious, I did have a favorite that I will share with you below. These are scattered all over the city, so if you use this as a guide I am certain one of these shops will be close to wherever you are.

FataMorgana Gelato, Rome Is Definitely Popular

FataMorgana is definitely a high quality and authentic gelateria in Rome and one that you should definitely try. For me, it wasn’t the best, but I would definitely return at my next opportunity. My criticism of FataMorgana was based on two different visits:

  • During the first try, I encountered a version of a chocolate chip gelato that had very unsatisfying shards or small chips of chocolate that were more annoying to eat than enjoyable. It wasn’t a mistake, but I didn’t like it.

  • On my second, and recent visit, the milk chocolate gelato was filled with what seemed to be ice chips mixed in. This was not intentional, but more of a sign of bad storage. I was disappointed because I would expect milk chocolate to be a popular flavor with a high level of turnover, but ice chips were off-putting.

Again, I didn’t enjoy my experiences here, but I would still make more attempts to try other flavors. They aren’t just going through the motions and because of this, I can allow for more opportunities for them to gain my loyalty.

La Romana Gelato Is All Around The World

This Gelateria known as La Romana has been around since 1947 and it can be found all over the world thanks to their global franchising drive. There are a few locations around Rome, more around Italy and in as far away places as Bucharest, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and around Europe. As you will be able to see from the lines that you will inevitably encounter, this gelateria is popular with tourists and locals alike.

In addition to their delicious gelato and crostata, they offer an amazing looking selection of cakes and pastries. I get a chuckle from the sign above the refrigerator that read: “A party without a cake is only a meeting!”. I loved that.

I really liked their gelato and I would recommend it if you are in the neighborhood, but I wouldn’t go too far out of the way to find them because to be honest, it was delicious, but it didn’t rock my world.

This is the beauty of gelato in Rome. It is around every corner with a high level of quality, so there isn’t a need to travel too far out of your way for delicious gelato, but if you are near one of their Rome locations, you should stop in.

Authentic Gelato In Rome - Beat The Heat

Beat The Heat

What Is A Torcè Gelateria and Cioccolateria?

This Gelateria and Cioccolateria known as Torcè has been around for more than 20 years and it can be found all over Rome. It is a small neighborhood spot that is popular with tourists and locals alike.

I was honestly surprised how much I enjoyed Torcè, and it is because of three things: First, service was really fantastic because we were trying to order, enjoy, take pictures and videos all while fumbling around, and the woman behind the counter couldn’t have been nicer.

Second, I was unaware of their focus on chocolate, and I can confirm that the Chocolate Gelato I ordered was of the highest quality. Lastly, I’ve noticed that Mint-Chocolate isn’t very common in Rome, but they had it and it was delightful.

Their offerings are many, including all the classics you might want, but since they have my favorite flavor, how can I not recommend them! If you are near one, you should definitely make a stop for a gelato and maybe some chocolate just to brighten your day a bit.

Where Can I Find Gelateria Fassi?

Gelateria Fassi is a classic and enduring gelateria with one location in Rome, at: Via Principe Eugenio 65/67, 00185. It has a long history that started in 1875 when Giacomo and Giuseppina Fassi arrived in Rome and in 1880 they opened a small shop that began with the sale of ice and beer, a winning combination at the time and in the meantime they were experimenting with sorbets.

Gelateria Fassi is one of the highest quality gelaterias in Rome and one that you should definitely try. It was my favorite gelateria in Rome (until I went to the gelateria below) because of the amazing flavors, but also the history, influences and inventiveness will keep me coming back. Luckily we don’t live too far away from this neighborhood!

Authentic Gelato In Rome - For All

Gelato For All

Come Il Latte Gelateria Is My Favorite Authentic Gelato In Rome

When we went to Come il Latte Gelateria recently, we were both blown away by the amazing flavors. I ordered something I don’t usually get, which was a Zabaione and because combining flavors is typical in Italy, I asked for a recommendation for a pairing and the Sicilian coffee gelato suggested was incredible. I typically do enjoy coffee gelato, but it had such a strong, delightful flavor, that I’ve already been fantasizing about getting a coffee and chocolate combination on my next visit.

We loved this gelateria, and while I normally wouldn’t travel across Rome for gelato because of the high quality available around every corner, I would for this. I strongly suggest stopping by if you are in the neighborhood, and even if you aren’t you should head on over!

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