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The Best Affordable Shopping In Rome Is Around Every Corner

When it comes to the best affordable shopping in Rome, the city offers more than just expensive boutiques and luxury fashion houses and this is your guide.

best affordable shopping in Rome - Outlet Mall

Outlet Mall

Rome offers a wide selection of affordable shopping options, where informed shoppers (i.e. readers of this blog) can uncover hidden gems and unique finds without breaking the bank. In this guide, we’ll explore the best budget-friendly shopping spots that allow you to indulge in Italy’s fashion, style, and craftsmanship without emptying your wallet.

The Best Affordable Shopping In Rome Is At The Mall

Beyond Via del Corso, there may be a time when you want to enjoy your shopping out of the summer heat, rainy season or even just because you need a specific store that you can’t find elsewhere. The solution, of course, is going to a mall. 

  • CINECITTÀ DUE – It has 72 stores and restaurants on two levels, has a smaller food court with other restaurants scattered around the mall. This is a perfect spot for a casual stroll, a quick espresso and some pizza.

  • EUROMA2 –  The best quality of this mall is the selection of stores and restaurants. Unless you are looking for higher end options like Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana, you will most likely find what you are looking for here. If you need an Apple store, I can confirm that the service is great and the selection is just as good as in the US, but get there a little early because there will be a line.

  • Porta di Roma – It is my favorite mall in Rome and our destination for literally anything. This is a big mall with 199 stores and restaurants, but more than that, the property is also the home to an IKEA and a Leroy Merlin which when taken all together should meet any need you might have.

best affordable shopping in rome - apple store

Apple Store

Affordable Shopping At Castel Romano Designer Outlet

One of the most interesting and affordable shopping experiences is at the Castel Romano Outlet Stores that are a short ride from the center of Rome, Italy. If you love finding bargains, as I do, navigating to this shopping outlet will make for an enjoyable afternoon that is very different from walking down Via Del Corso. The Castel Romano Outlet stores feature a wide range of designer brands, including Jimmy Choo, Armani, Calvin Klein, Versace, Michael Kors, and so many others.

Affordable Shopping For Discounted Luxury Goods At Gente Roma Outlet

Gente Roma is a luxury designer fashion boutique available online and in the store. Their outlet store, on via Cola Rienzo, 246, which is just down the street from one of their boutique locations, provides another avenue for snagging luxury items at a fraction of the cost. Located near the Vatican, this outlet store of more than 40 years features a curated selection of multiple brands of high-end designer clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Definitely Affordable Shopping In Rome At Porta Portese

If you find yourself in Rome on a Sunday morning, make your way to the Porta Portese Flea Market. Italy’s largest and most famous flea market, Porta Portese offers an eclectic mix of antiques, vintage clothing, and quirky collectibles at affordable, and sometimes flexible, prices. Bargain hunters will delight in the variety of items available, creating a unique shopping experience that reflects the historical and cultural richness of Rome.

best affordable shopping in rome - outdoor markets

Outdoor Markets

If Thrifting In Rome Is For You, These Are Affordable Options

There are affordable markets in Rome selling used, vintage or otherwise inexpensive clothes and other products. Generally, they are an inexpensive way to shop for both common and uncommon goods. These spots should be on your list to check out, but if you would like more information, I wrote a post on the thrift stores in Rome that has a lot more detail. 

This is one of the Mercatino franchises that are spread all around Rome and Italy. Here you can find used, vintage and hard to find products that include: clothes, books, art, appliances and household goods. They also buy and sell on consignment, if needed.

The Vintage Market Roma is a Christmas market Friday through Sunday on the three weekends in December leading up to Christmas, however, it is called the Vintage Market Roma the rest of the year. There are of course vintage clothing and vintage vinyl sellers, but also quite a few artisans selling their beautiful crafts. The crafts are a great addition because I was a little stumped by the idea of buying vintage clothing for Christmas for someone else, but maybe that is just my hang-up.

The affordable, but a little scary, Via Sannio Flea Market is not a comfortable place because the buildings seem slapped together, it’s dark and there were very few customers walking around when I visited. The selection of items for sale seemed limited and maybe 20% of the tables were either vacant or bundled under a tarp for some future date. This spooky place doesn’t seem very safe, so I would only recommend this place for the braver among us.

best affordable shopping in rome - creepy

Creepy Via Sannio Flea Market

Rome Shopping To Avoid

In addition to the Via Sannio Flea Market that I mentioned above, there are a couple of other places that I actively dislike because they are overpriced tourist traps, but I will admit they are popular.

Avoid Overpriced Shopping On Via del Corso

Via del Corso is traditionally one of Rome’s main shopping streets. It is a bustling hub for high-street (i.e. expensive and overpriced) fashion that caters to the tourists visiting the city every year. Lined with an array of shops ranging from international chains to local brands, this avenue caters to only the bigger budgets and if you are looking for affordable, you need to consider looking elsewhere.

Avoid The Tourist Trap Of Campo de’ Fiori Market

This piazza isn’t totally without merit. I really like the monument of Giordano Bruno, and there is a bakery we like quite a bit called Forno Campo de’Fiori, but apart from that, you should avoid it.  This is a market that caters to the uninformed tourist. I guess back in the day there were actual craftsmen, artisans and other cool products to buy, but now it’s hats for tourists, some fruits and vegetables and an amazing supply of unnatural pastas and others in the form of human private parts. You should avoid this spot as well.

Rome Is Great For Affordable Shopping

Rome’s affordable shopping scene goes far beyond the stereotypical notions of expensive Italian fashion. From local markets to designer outlets, the city offers a diverse range of options for budget-conscious shoppers. By exploring these hidden treasures and lesser-known districts, you can immerse yourself in the unique and affordable shopping experience that Rome has to offer, bringing home not only souvenirs but also memories of the city’s distinctive style and culture. So, grab your shopping bags and get ready to discover the best affordable shopping spots in the heart of Italy’s capital.

best affordable shopping in rome - malls


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