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The Best Irish Bar In Rome Is Waiting To Pour You A Pint

The best Irish bar In Rome is waiting for you and with this guide you can enjoy a great pint and a burger in an friendly English speaking pub for a great time.

Irish Bar in Rome - A Proper Pint

A Proper Pint

If you are like me and feel a comfortable warmth when you go to your local pub and order a proper pint of Guinness and maybe a burger or some nachos, then this is your guide to the more popular and historical Irish pubs in Rome. There are more pubs that are included in the list below, but this is a good starting point because they are all centrally located in Rome and they are an easy walk from most tourists.

Is There An Irish Bar In Rome?

Yes, there are a surprisingly large number of Irish pubs in Rome, some of which have been here since the 1970’s. The pubs I will describe below are not the complete list, only the pubs that are most centrally located and easy for a weary tourist looking for an escape from touring around Rome or wanting to catch the latest match. They are all comfortable and inviting, but they all have something different to offer.

Can You Get A Guinness In Rome?

You absolutely can get a proper pint of Guinness in Rome. It is popular, ubiquitous and better than what you would get in the US, based on being so much closer to Ireland. In addition, Smithwick, Harp and other favorites are equally popular and easy to find.

Irish Bar In Rome - Guinness and Harp

Guinness and Harp

While Italian beers such as Peroni and Moretti are more commonly found, many bars in Rome also offer a range of international beers, including Guinness. The Irish pubs in Rome, in particular, are likely to have Guinness on tap on their drink menus.

Can You Walk With A Beer In Rome?

Walking around Rome, Italy while drinking a beer is pretty common, but there are some restrictions you should be aware of. Drinking alcoholic beverages from glass containers on public streets, public transit and in non-enclosed green spaces in Rome after 10pm is against the law and can result in a fine. You also can not drink alcohol out of any type of container after midnight in these spaces.

What Is The Most Popular Irish Bar In Rome?

Abbey Theater Irish Pub

This is certainly unscientific, but I’ve heard Abbey Theater mentioned by so many people as a great place to get a pint, that I had to stop by. In a high traffic tourist area near Piazza Navona at: Via del Governo Vecchio 51, and it can get crowded during popular sporting events. We unknowingly stopped by during the 6 Nations Rugby tournament, and it was cheek to jowl so we couldn’t get a space inside. There was come seating outside, and we grabbed a table, but there wasn’t much table service, so we left and returned a week later

Irish Bar In Rome - Warm and Cozy

Warm and Cozy

We came back for lunch and enjoyed a quiet table near the back of the restaurant. It is unexpectedly larger inside than I first thought. Small passages that wind through multiple rooms with a lot of TVs. I didn’t notice any corners that couldn’t see a TV, so it was a good place to enjoy your sport or choice.

Irish Bar in Rome - Burgers

Burger and Fries

The food and beer was delicious. We had a Guinness and a Harp and a couple of cheese burgers, which were well cooked and decent for pub food. Next time I return, I’m going to try the nachos so I can compare them to Scholar’s Lounge, and we will definitely be returning. If for no other reason that the pub is very close to my dentist, and I usually can benefit from a drink after a visit.

What Is The Best Pub In Rome To Watch NFL Football?

The Scholars Lounge Offers Live NFL Games

I’ve had it on my list to check out the Scholars Lounge ever since we moved to Rome, but for whatever reason, it didn’t happen until recently. I was interested in watching Live NFL playoffs, and after seeing a sign posted on the door advertising the American Football games, we decided to check it out.

Irish Bar In Rome - TVs Everywhere

TVs Everywhere

This pub is a large space that, in addition to the large number of screens dedicated to sports, hosts live music, Karaoke and a Trivia Night. It is owned and staffed by Irish people, English is spoken by default and the menu is in English with Italian subtitles. One difference is that you pay your check after every order. We asked about it, and it allows for easily changing tables and it is in response to a high number of walkouts, or as I knew it: Dine-and-Ditch.

Like our other trips to Irish pubs, I ordered what would traditionally be “Mexican/American” food, i.e. Nachos. They arrived hot, with multiple sauces, covered in cheese and jalapenos. A delicious representation of a great food for football. We also enjoyed chicken strips that were fried perfectly and seasoned with pepper with a BBQ dipping sauce. After enjoying these with a couple of pints of Guinness, we decided to order some “Irish” food, so I ordered some Bangers and Mash, with plans to try the Full Irish Breakfast when I’m more hungry. They were fantastic! Hot and crispy, with mashed potatoes that were fantastically covered in gravy.

Irish Bar In Rome - Nachos


As for watching American Football, they dedicated one room for watching the NFL, with the other rooms and TVs showing Soccer (football/calcio). Once we told them that we were interested in watching American Football, they grabbed a table for us in the dedicated room and helped move us over.

Overall, this was a great experience. The staff couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful. I’m not sure how many people were there to watch the NFL, but we spotted a few fans. I’m excited to go back and try some other traditional dishes!

You Can Also Watch Football At The Shamrock Pub

The Shamrock Pub Roma is located close to the Roman Forum end of Via Cavour at Via del Colosseo 1/c. It is an Irish pub that, because of its central location, attracts a mixture of local regulars and tourists on their way to and from the popular sites in the area. 

Irish Bar In Rome - Scarfs

Walls Lined With Scarfs

You can enjoy a beer and with it, a strong emphasis on sports, rugby and football (soccer) in particular, and I’m sure they will put American football on one of their screens for you. The pub shows a wide range of sports, but customers can also enjoy a game of table football or darts.

The Shamrock Pub has a lively atmosphere and the friendly staff is ready with a wide range of beers and spirits. We went to the Shamrock Pub with the intention of enjoying some bar food, and we were not disappointed. I chose some nachos and some other light snacks and they were prepared well, served quickly and really added a lot to the experience. I intentionally chose a “Mexican/American” snack as a test and the chips and the salsas/dips were fresh and tasty. As a further test, I chose a Guinness, and again, it hit the spot.

Irish bar in Rome - More Nachos

More Nachos

The Shamrock Pub is a bit smaller than Scholars, and more intimate. It is so close to the Roman Forum that it would be a shame not to stop in and get a quick pint. I enjoyed this more subdued evening, even though I’m guessing it can get a bit more lively during a rugby match.

What Is The Oldest Irish Bar (In Rome)?

Fiddler’s Elbow Is The First Irish Owned And Run Pub In Italy

The Fiddlers’ Elbow” was opened in the fall of 1976 on via Sforza in Rome, not far from its current location: Via dell Olmata 43. The pub was very small, and always full, which led to the relocation to its current location in 1979. Being such an old pub has led the pub to becoming very well known in many other countries around the world.

Irish bar in Rome - Bar Taps

Ready For Service!

The pub is located on a quiet side street very close to Santa Maria Maggiore away from the tourist, but with helpful signs on the major streets around it pointing in its direction. I would offer suggestions on their hours of operation, but I saw different hours listed on google, their website, posted on the door and when I asked the server when they are open. The server was a delightful woman who was helpful, but there was no meaningful menu, apart from chips, hotdogs and “toast” ham/cheese sandwiches.

One thing to be aware of, like Scholar’s Lounge, they asked for check payment right after being served. In this case, not because it was busy, but just because. Maybe they get runners. The selection of beers was good as it included: Guinness, Harp, Smithwick’s, Kilkenny and a few others of the expected Irish beers. There are a few TVs, but given the smaller space and the alcoves you might find a spot without much of a view of the sports. It isn’t wall-to-wall TVs like I’ve seen in other pubs.

My overall feeling of Fiddler’s Elbow is that it has a nice environment, the staff was friendly and I’m certain that place gets hopping in the evening,  but I would’ve preferred to eat something more substantial than a hotdog, so we left after one beer and some chips.

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