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The Best Burger In Rome Is Waiting For You To Stop By

The best burger in Rome is waiting for those who love fast food burgers like I do and this guide will help you find that missing taste when traveling to Rome.

Best Burger in Rome - Cravings

Burger Cravings

I have been a fan of fast food burger joints for most of my life, having even worked in a couple of well known burger places in my youth. My need for an American style hamburger restaurant became obvious on my first trip to Rome years ago. After almost two weeks of traveling around Italy, I was getting burned out trying to figure out how to order my next meal in Italian, not yet having much knowledge of the language. The comfort and ease of ordering a McDonald’s burger might not be a story I shared with many people, but a long time has passed since then.

Can You Get A Hamburger In Italy?

Yes, you can easily find both traditional and gourmet burger places in Rome and Italy. Like in the US, Italy likes to go pretty fancy with their burgers. Over-stacking them, too many condiments, ridiculously and unnecessarily high quality beef and gourmet buns.

Best Burger in Rome - Cheeseburger

Cheeseburger In Rome

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m guessing you can also find a burger with a fried egg on top. I don’t prefer fancy burgers. I like good old fast food, possibly with a drive-through, hamburger restaurant that you can find all over the US, and luckily you can find in Rome as well.

What Do They Call A Hamburger In Italy?

Lucky for you, they are also called Hamburgers here in Italy. You will need to understand the different types of hamburgers, because they do give them different names. For example, despite the description of how the French call it Le Big Mac in Pulp Fiction, which they don’t, in Italy it is simply called a Big Mac, and you can order it as such.

Best Burger In Rome - Wrapping In English

Wrapping In English

Not to belabor the point, but McDonald’s in Rome, Italy doesn’t call a Quarter Pounder a Royale with Cheese, it is called: My Selection. Most importantly, they call the group of sandwiches collectively Panini on the menu, so when ordering from the McDonald’s menu, look for that group.

What Is The Best Burger In Rome?

I’ll share with you my favorite hamburger restaurant in Rome below, but keep in mind, I’m not trying to find the greatest gourmet burger place, which some people consider the best burger. For me, the best burger in Rome is the one that is most like the fast food burger joints I grew up on while living in the US. If you want a gourmet burger, do another search because plenty of other sites will tell you where to find the 7 Best Burger Restaurants in Rome.

Is There A McDonald’s In Rome, Italy?

Not surprisingly, there are a few. When you arrive in Rome by train, the first one you will see is on the same level as the train tracks (piano 0), and to the north. The McDonald’s menu in Italy is a little different, but it has all the usual suspects and you should have trouble recognizing that which you seek.

Best Burger in Rome - Big Mac

Big Mac In Termini

The McDonald’s Menu In Italy

Some of the differences between the Italy and US McDonalds are noteworthy because they try to include some local foods to make it seem familiar to the residents who seem to LOVE McDonald’s, if the crowds are any indication. The menu differences that I found interesting are:

  • The McToast Sandwich – A grilled ham and cheese sandwich made of two buns flipped with the cut-side out, with ham and cheese in between, then toasted. The Toast is common all over Italy, but this version wasn’t impressive.

  • Panzerotti – These are little bready nuggets filled with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Again, I was not a fan because I’ve had Totino’s Pizza Rolls that tasted better.

  • Parmigiano Reggiano – A small bar of “Real” Parmigiano Reggiano DOP in a convenient single-serving pack. I saved it for home, and I did like it as a snack. I’ve had better cheese, but it is surprisingly good.

  • Beer – You can, as was described about Paris in Pulp Fiction, buy a beer with your meal at McDonald’s. I respect those options, although I was eating a little early to try it out myself. Next time, for sure.

Another positive is that upstairs at this McDonald’s in Termini Station, the tables have outlets that you can use to work or charge your phone and there is Wi-Fi. A great option if Termini Station is only a temporary stop on your way to another Italian destination.

There is another Rome McDonald’s just outside of Termini Station, but you might consider giving that one a pass because the area is a little sketchy and your safety might be a higher priority than a Big Mac.

Does Rome Have A Burger King?

Rome does have Burger King, and they are also all over Italy. There isn’t one in Termini Station, so we took the #64 bus, nicknamed the PickPocket Express down Via Nazionale to the closest Burger King near us.

Best Burger in Rome - BK Special

BK Special

After placing the order at one of their electronic kiosks, the service was a little less engaged than at McDonald’s, but it was quick enough. They did, however, forget the pickle on my cheeseburger, which is something I don’t think has ever happened in the US.

The Burger King Menu In Italy

There seems to be fewer Italy specific products here at Burger King, but they too have BK Toast al Bacon, which is similar to the McToast mentioned above, but with bacon instead of ham. The description made me laugh because of its obvious lack of irony and self awareness: A small bite with the best bacon flavor. Start the day like a true American. Do you know any Americans that start their day with a Toast?

Other interesting facts about their menu is that they are offering plant-based whoppers and nuggets, like the Impossible Burger at the Burger Kings in the US. Also, they offer beer just like McDonald’s, which I think is great.

Can I get A Five Guys Burger in Rome?

I was happy to learn that they did open a Five Guys in Rome’s Termini Station and after about a year and a half in Italy, I thought I would like a little taste of home. While I prefer White Castle and In-N-Out Burger to Five Guys, I do enjoy their burgers quite a bit, so I made a trip to Termini Station and I wasn’t disappointed.

Best Burger in Rome - Little Hamburger

Little Hamburger

The Five Guys Menu In Italy

The Five Guys menu in Italy is identical to that in the US. In fact, all the menu items are in English and you can expect to order using the same. It is a little more pricey than in the US, but I haven’t been back recently to confirm. The Little Hamburger was €8.95, if you want to check it out and get back to me.

Their processes seem identical to the US as well, and while that could be expected, the problem is the same mistakes are made at about the same rate. Specifically, when I order a hamburger, I usually ask for hot sauce on it, and in the US they usually miss that about 30% of the time. This most recent trip to Five Guys was my third time and wouldn’t you know it, they missed the hot sauce.

So, What Is The Best Burger In Rome?

The Best Burger in Rome for me is at Five Guys, at least until they open an In-N-Out Burger in Italy, but I’m not holding my breath for that. It was identical to in the US and the taste brought me back better than any of the others. If you are looking for a taste of home, check it out!

If you don’t want a burger, here are some other restaurants that you should consider checking out:

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