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This Rome Food Court At The Mall Shouldn’t Be Missed

Rome food courts are a great choice when shopping and this guide will help you decide which food court is at the best mall and is the right choice for you.

Rome Food Court - Ready For Lunch

Food Court

What Is A Rome Food Court Called?

When you consider all the English language words that make it into everyday Italian, it might be surprising that shopping malls in Rome call their food court simply: restaurants (ristoranti). They are treated in the same way as in the US with a large collection of the restaurants in one single area, with seating. Some other, sometimes smaller, restaurants or cafés are scattered around the rest of the shopping mall, so you will have to keep an eye out for your favorite.

Are Restaurants In Rome Food Courts In Shopping Malls Familiar?

Some are and some aren’t. They do all seem to have the usual suspects, McDonald’s and Burger King, so if you are looking for something familiar to someone from the US, these would be the best choice. There is also no shortage of restaurants that serve the best pizza in Rome, including a favorite of mine, Alice Pizza al Taglio.

Rome Food Court - McD

McDonald’s Everywhere

Surprising to me is that there are multiple Mexican restaurants and a few pokè shops as well. All in all, there will certainly be something that isn’t too unexpected, including traditional and trendy choices along with your mall staples, like Johnny Rockets.

Are There Restaurants Outside Of The Food Courts In Shopping Malls In Rome?

This varies from mall to mall. Most commonly, you will find cafés that cater to your espresso and pastry needs scattered strategically around the mall, which can be both as a sit down restaurant and also a stand-up restaurant in the middle of the aisles.

Rome Food Court - Espresso

Espresso As Needed

These are fantastic places to stop and grab a quick espresso if the need hits you, and it should. How often have you been walking around a mall for hours and you need a quick jolt of caffeine? Italy really has an amazing coffee culture that can be experienced even at the shopping mall.

What Is The Most Popular Choice In A Rome Food Court?

It should not be surprising that McDonald’s is ubiquitous in the shopping malls of Rome. Beyond that, Alice Pizza al Taglio has a strong presence and is great if you want to grab only a slice of pizza instead of sitting down to a bigger meal. The other restaurant that I seem to see in every shopping mall in Rome, and around the city, is La Piadineria. They are a good place to stop if you are looking for something like a wrap in the US, but with better ingredients. It is Italy, after all.

Rome Food Court - Wrap

Grab A Wrap

Why EUROMA2 Is A Shopping Center Worth Visiting

The best quality of this mall is the selection of 26 restaurants. Unless you are looking for higher end eating options, you will most likely find what you are looking for here. It is easy to get to without a car and even from the center of Rome. The selection of stores is vast as well, so you can easily spend a delightful day here, but remember to grab an espresso if you feel the need.

Another food option to consider is at the Coop Supermarket that is in the mall. Having a full grocery store at the mall seems to be pretty common here in Rome, so don’t forget that if you want to buy some food to prepare at home, this can easily be done as well. The hours for the market are from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM.

Rome Food Court - Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets And Pokè

How To Get To EUROMA2

The second negative of this mall is the challenge getting there. My assumption in writing the article is that you are in the center of the historical center (Centro Storico) of Rome. I mention this because these malls are in very different directions and having a common starting point is the best way to compare them. To reach Euroma2 at: Viale dell’Oceano Pacifico, 83, you have a couple public transportation options. You can reach the mall on the following ATAC bus lines: #070, #700, #708, #788 and #779 and get off at the Colombo/Pacifico stop.

If you are traveling from Piazza Venezia, you can take the #30 to the Colombo/Agricoltura stop and switch to the #708 until you reach the Grande Muraglia/Rotterdam stop. If you are coming from Termini Station, you can take the Metro B subway towards Laurentina and get out at the EUR Fermi stop and transfer to the #712 bus to the Ribotta/Delogu stop.

Shopping Mall Hours Of Operation

The hours for the stores only in this mall are as follows:

  • Monday (lunedì) – 10:00 to 21:00
  • Tuesday (martedì) – 10:00 to 21:00
  • Wednesday (mercoledì) – 10:00 to 21:00
  • Thursday (giovedì) – 10:00 to 21:00
  • Friday (venerdì) – 10:00 to 21:00
  • Saturday (sabato) – 10:00 to 21:00
  • Sunday (domenica) – 10:00 to 21:00

Mall Food Court (Rome) Hours Of Operation

The published hours of operation of this mall food court are from 10:00 AM until 20:00 PM, but my experience is a little different. I was there during the week and some restaurants, especially the cafés, open a little early for your coffee and pastry needs. Others, like McDonalds and Bodega Mexicana seem to open a little later, like at noon. Don’t expect to catch an early lunch, but if you need a little something to carry you until lunch, the smaller cafés will be your best friend.

Rome Food Court - Western

Western Theme Chain

How To Navigate Around Rome’s Shopping Malls

If you want to reach the malls from the historic center to enjoy a Rome food court, or just shop, these additional posts will be very helpful for your shopping adventures:

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