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Rome’s Train Station Food Court Is Mercato Centrale

Rome’s train station food court, Mercato Centrale, is perfect if you are looking for are great meal after arriving in Termini Station to finish your vacation.

Rome's train station food court - Empanadas and Prosecco

Empanadas and Prosecco

You may already be familiar with Mercato Centrale If you have ever been to Milan, Florence or Turin, but you might not realize that Rome has one of these great markets that serve amazing food that is a step up from the fast food options you immediately encounter when you step off the bus or train at Termini Station.

How Does Rome’s Train Station Food Court Work?

At Mercato Centrale Rome the process is a little different that your typical food court in the US, but it is well worth understanding a few of these important points so that your dining experience can be as fantastic as you would expect.

Rome's train station food court - Sandwiches

Fast Pre-Made Sandwiches

  • Buying Products At The Stores – You can shop for groceries at all stores and eat hot or cold food freshly prepared by the wide range of restaurants in the market. This is important if you are either coming or going.
  • You Can Order Drinks At The Table –  After you sit down, you can place your drinks order with the wait staff. They will serve you and you can pay them directly.
  • Infopoint – At the Infopoint, you can find out more information about the products, events and services at Mercato Centrale.
  • Pay At Every Store – Every store sells its own products, which allows you to pay at each store for anything you choose to eat or take with you.
  • Yeah Dogs! – Dogs are welcome at Mercato Centrale! The management might issue muzzles for large dogs, if they deem it necessary.
  • Free Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is free and always available.
  • Open Seating – All of Mercato Centrale’s tables, including on the second floor, are available at no extra cost to enjoy the food bought from the stores.
  • Available Toilets – Toilets are located at the far end of the Mercato on the ground floor.
Rome's train station food court - Entrance

Mercato Centrale Entrance

What Can You Eat At Rome’s Train Station Food Court?

The Mercato Centrale food court is deceivingly large. When you first enter the space, your senses are hit on all sides by the delicious sound and smells of the market. Don’t be overwhelmed by this and continue on into the seating area that is surrounded by the amazing artisan restaurants. Below is a complete list of amazing foods you will find, but I’ve provided a little more information about the ones that we have enjoyed, and links to the ones we will enjoy in the future for you to consider for your next visit.

Rome's train station food court - Trapizzino


The Trapizzino

This is not your typical Italian pizza, but is definitely worth checking out. Is it a pocket of white pizza (Pizza Bianca), crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, filled with a variety of delicious filling. These famous pockets of pizza are made fresh daily with sourdough bread and served stuffed with typical Roman recipes. Our favorite is the Meatball Trapizzino but there are many delicious options.

Wine By The Glass

They say: “Each glass tells a story” and there’s always something new to try here. Prosecco, whites, reds and rosés, great classics, organic and natural wines, both bottled and by the glass are available for your drinking and dining pleasure. This might be the best place to celebrate your arrival in Rome.

The Pizza

This traditional pizzeria offers a range from classic and signature pizzas to perfectly golden and crisp fried delicacies. This Neapolitan style pizza has the aim to select ingredients based on their seasonality and divides the offerings between classic and signature pizzas and fried dishes.

The Argentinian Empanadas Shop

When we first spotted this shop, we weren’t really interested in it because we were more focused on Italian food, but we gave in once we saw these delicious empanadas.

Rome's train station food court - Empanadas


These were amazing and paired well with the glasses of Prosecco we enjoyed. This shop is a journey through the flavors of Argentine cuisine. The owners are an Argentinian with Italian parents, and a Roman who learned about the magic of these empanadas after spending time in Argentina. If this is your first time in Rome, I can understand why you might focus on Italian food, but these shouldn’t be missed because you may not find them anywhere else in Rome. At least I haven’t.

Other Great Restaurants In Mercato Centrale Rome

I’ve only described above the amazing places I’ve enjoyed, but there is so much more in Mercato Centrale that you should check out. Here are some of the other options available to you:

Where Is Mercato Centrale In Rome?

Finding Mercato Centrale in Rome is surprisingly difficult because it is part of Termini Station in Rome, but if you are in the station, you need to leave it to find the market. The official address is: Via Giovanni Giolitti, 36, which is the road that runs along the southwest side of the building. When you exit the station into the taxi and bus area, turn left until you reach Via Giovanni Giolitti, turn left and follow the wall of Termini until you reach the market.

The other, less obvious way to reach Mercato Centrale from within Termini Station is to head southwest (left, facing away from the tracks) and enter the COIN store. Turn left and continue walking past the car rental services until you reach the market.

When Does Mercato Centrale Rome Open?

The Mercato Centrale in Rome is open daily. The hours for Sunday to Thursday are from 7:30 AM until 11:00 PM. On the weekends, the hours for Friday and Saturday are from 7:30 AM until midnight.

Rome's train station food court - Beer


Keep in mind that not all the restaurants are open in the morning. If you are arriving before lunch time, you will only find coffee and pastry shops, but they are great as well. If you are looking for something more hearty, come between lunch and closing times.

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