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Rome’s Train Station Has Pharmacies To Keep You Healthy

Rome’s train station has pharmacies that will keep you healthy when you arrive and you feel terrible from the flight and we will show you how to stay well.

Rome's train station has pharmacies - More Pharma

Big Pharmacies In Termini

While there are emergency services in the station, what I’m describing here is what you can do in Termini Station in Rome once you have arrived and feel awful. This can be anything from allergies to aches and pains to sore feet from walking around too much. You can even find a solution for your contact lens issues, pun intended.

What Is Termini Railway Station?

Rome’s Termini Railway Station, a.k.a. Roma Termini, is Rome’s biggest train station and one of Europe’s largest as well. There are 29 train platforms (binari) with service to cities all over Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

Rome's train station has pharmacies - Here They Are

Pharmacies In Termini

The name “Termini” is derived from the Latin word for baths: “thermae”, which is due to the station’s location in Rome across the street from where the Baths of Diocletian once existed. The main hall is lined with shops and restaurants, along with a large ticket office, travel agents, and currency exchanges booths. There are two locations for the post office and the tourist information desk for Rome is located near platform 24 next to all the car rental desks. For this post, more important are the healthcare related services that are also available.

Rome’s Termini Station has solutions for quite a few of your travel needs. These include food, beverage, and treats that you can take with you, easy access to over-the-counter medicines, treatments for your feet and even for help with your digestion. This guide will point you to the closest help for the less-serious ailments you might have.

How Do You Stop Your Body Ache When Traveling To Rome?

When you travel internationally, there isn’t any magic solution to avoid aches and pains that I am aware of, apart from spending a ton of money on a first class flight. If you are able to afford that, you definitely should. For the rest of us, however, there will be a need to address the aches and pains after a long flight. Luckily, for people arriving in Rome through Termini Station, there are quite a few solutions to shoes from.

Rome’s Train Station Has Pharmacies

Yes, and in fact, there are two pharmacies at your disposal. One is a two-floor store on the ground floor to the left side of the tracks, right next to the McDonalds. It is a large store with a wide range of solutions for anything bugging you. Termini has a second pharmacy on the floor -1, one level below ground. It is smaller, but less crowded, which is important during the busy periods of the day.

Rome's train station has pharmacies - Health Remedies

Remedy For Walking Pains

Additionally, while not a pharmacy, there is also a CONAD grocery store also on the first sub-level (floor -1). This has a simpler selection of solutions for you, and you can also buy some water and fruit to help with any dehydration you might be experiencing.

Do They Sell Advil In Rome’s Train Station?

Advil, or generically known as Ibuprofen (Ibuprofene), is available in Italy and in the Pharmacies in Rome’s Termini Station, but you need to be prepared to talk to a Pharmacist about getting it. While a prescription isn’t needed, it is behind the counter, so be prepared to describe your pains and ask someone for Moment or Brufen, which are the better known brand names that you will find in Italy. If you forget the brands, remember the Italian pronunciation of: Ibuprofene, because nobody knows what Advil is here.

What Is Tylenol In Italian?

Similar to Ibuprofen, Tylenol is not a brand well known here in Italy, but the generic names of Acetaminophen and Paracetamol are, so you will want to remember these. In particular, Paracetamol seems to be well known and easily accessible, but again, you will have to ask the Pharmacist as this is also an Over-The-Counter medicine in Italy.

Rome's train station has pharmacies - OTC Meds

OTC Medicine

Buying Contact Lenses In Rome’s Train Station

I am a contact lens wearer, so you imagine my excitement when I learned how easy it was to buy them here in Rome. There is at least one Optical store in the sub-level of Termini Station where you will be able to buy replacement contacts. There is also a wide variety of glasses, but I’m guessing it is less likely that someone will forget their glasses.

Rome's train station has pharmacies - Health Services

Popular Contact Brands

Do You Need A Prescription For Contact Lenses In Italy?

Amazingly no, you do not need a prescription for contact lenses in Italy. What you should do is take a picture of your box of contacts on the end showing the power, and that is enough. If you only have a prescription, I’m sure the right prescription can be determined. I was quite happy to learn how easy this process is, and if you had contact trouble while flying to Rome, Termini Station has options for your viewing needs.

Rome's train station has pharmacies - Optical


How Much Are Contact Lenses In Italy?

I was used to buying 90-day supplies of contacts in the US, but this seems uncommon here in Italy. What is much easier to find are the 30-day supplies, and for my basic prescription, the boxes seem to run about €15 for one box. Like in the US, if you have special vision needs, it will probably cost more, but at least this gives you a basis of comparison. My contacts in the US cost me more than $22 for 30 days, so there is a decent savings here in Italy.

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