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Rome’s Train Station Has Everything You Might Need And More

Rome’s train station is one of the largest train stations in Europe, it is the hub of Rome and it has everything you will need for a delightful visit, and more.

Rome's Train Station - Outside

Termini Station

What Is Termini Railway Station?

Rome’s Termini Station, a.k.a. Roma Termini, is one of the largest and busiest railway stations in Italy, serving as a major transportation hub for both locals and tourists.  There are 29 train platforms (binari) with service to cities all over Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Here are a few reasons why Termini Station is important:

  • Centrally Located: Termini Station is located in the heart of Rome, making it easily accessible to visitors arriving by train, bus, or metro. It is also within walking distance of many of Rome’s major attractions, including the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Trevi Fountain.

  • Main Transportation Hub: Termini Station serves as the main railway station for Rome, connecting the city to other major destinations throughout Italy and Europe. It also serves as a major bus terminal, with buses departing to and from the city’s airports, as well as other destinations throughout the city and country. It has daily international services to Munich, Geneva, and Vienna as well as access to two Metro lines (A and B).

  • Shopping and Dining: It might surprise you that Termini Station is also home to a wide range of shops and restaurants, offering visitors a chance to grab a quick bite to eat, pick up some healthcare needs or buy some groceries. The station also features a large food court, as well as several cafes and bars.

The name “Termini” is derived from the Latin word for baths: “thermae”, which is due to the station’s location in Rome across the street from where the Baths of Diocletian once existed. The main hall is lined with shops and restaurants, along with a large ticket office, travel agents, and currency exchanges booths. There are two locations for the post office and the tourist information desk for Rome is located near platform 24 next to all the car rental desks.

Sections Of This Guide To Termini

This guide will give you a more complete view of the station than you will find anywhere else, so take a few minutes to review and learn all about what Termini Station has to offer you. There is a lot of important detail in this guide, but the major topics are:

Is Termini Station The Best Shopping In Rome?

Many travelers see Termini Station when they arrive in Rome, but it might surprise you to learn about the great shopping available in the station. Termini station is one of the largest train stations in Europe and it is a hub for most forms of transportation in Rome. It might surprise you, however, that it is also a shopping destination for locals and tourists alike.

Rome's Train Station - Nike

Nike Store

The station is centrally located in the heart of Rome, making it a convenient location for those who are traveling to and from the city by train, bus, tram and metro. The station is open every day from early in the morning until late at night, making it a perfect place for visitors to indulge in some shopping while passing through or looking for something new.

How Are The Shops At Termini Station Arranged?

The station’s shopping area is split into three levels, with the main shopping area located on the ground (0) level and the more shopping options are on the lower (-1) level. The third, upper (+1) level, is now mostly full of dining options, but don’t skip on this level because there are still a couple of shops that might be of interest to you.

What Are Rome’s Termini Station Shops?

If you decide that shopping at Termini Station is interesting and convenient, you will be happy to learn that it provides a wide variety of options for visitors, including a wide range of clothing stores. Visitors can find large department stores, like COIN, and smaller offerings at GEOX, Guess, MAngo and Victoria’s Secret. There are also several bookstores and newsstands offering international newspapers and magazines.

What Are Temporary Shops In Rome’s Termini Station?

Down the main concourse of Termini Station are what is considered to be “Temporary” stores, even though these structures are a bit more robust than a typical mall kiosk in the US. These include a high quality pasticcerie like Iginio Massari and Cannavacciuolo.

Do You Have To Go Through Security At Roma Termini?

One of the main attractions of shopping at Termini Station is the convenience factor. With its central location and easy access to public transportation, it is an ideal place to shop for those who are short on time. In Termini station, there is security if you are trying to reach or leave the tracks (binari), but you do not need to pass through security to go shopping unless you are exiting your train.

What Is The Most Fashionable Street In Rome?

If you are looking for the most fashionable shopping street in Rome, that would be Via Del Corso. It has been a hub of fashion and shopping in Rome for centuries. The street connects two major landmarks in Rome, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Venezia, and is considered one of the most important and central streets in the city. Visitors to Via del Corso can find a wide range of designer brands, including Italian favorites such as Gucci, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana. Other high-end brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino also have stores along the street.

If, however, you are looking for a great range of shopping options that are convenient for most visitors to the city, not very crowded and with prices you would be more comfortable with, then the Termini Station shops might be a good choice for you.

Rome's Train Station - Bookstore

Termini Bookstore

Are There Bookstores In Rome’s Termini Station?

For book lovers, Rome’s Termini Station has several bookstores and newsstands offering international newspapers and magazines. One of the most popular bookstores is the imposing Borri Books store that you will see once you enter the station. It is a glass enclosed, two-level store, with a wide range of books that you can easily browse from the outside.

Can I Buy Athletic Clothes In Rome’s Termini Station?

Yes, visitors to Termini Station in Rome can purchase athletic clothes from several stores located within the station. Some of the options include:

  • Nike: In the same cavernous room as the Borri Books store, you will find a Nike store offering a wide range of athletic clothing and accessories. Shoppers can find everything from sneakers, jerseys, hoodies to even soccer (calcio) balls.
  • Foot Locker: If Nike isn’t your brand of choice, you can also check out a Footlocker store on the -1 level of the station, offering a wide range of athletic shoes and clothing. Shoppers can find everything from basketball sneakers to running shoes and workout clothes.

What Is The Tax Refund Policy For Shopping In Rome?

I have an article that you should check out for a more exhaustive guide to: How To Get VAT Refund In Italy, if it’s possible, but this is the TL/DR version: You are entitled to a refund on some of the VAT taxes you paid for items you purchased that are returning with you to your home country (i.e. not food or lodging), but it needs to be a pretty sizable purchase because there is a high deductible, but check out the article below for more details.

An Easy Guide To Health Services In Rome Termini Station

You have just arrived in Rome Termini Station and you feel terrible. This guide will help you get some quick assistance within the busy station. While there are emergency services in the station, what I’m describing here is what you can do in Termini Station in Rome once you have arrived and feel awful. This can be anything from allergies to aches and pains to sore feet from walking around too much. You can even find a solution for your contact lens issues, pun intended.

Rome's train station - Bandages


How Do You Stop Your Body Ache When Traveling To Rome?

When you travel internationally, there isn’t any magic solution to avoid aches and pains that I am aware of, apart from spending a ton of money on a first class flight. If you are able to afford that, you definitely should. For the rest of us, however, there will be a need to address the aches and pains after a long flight. Luckily, for people arriving in Rome through Termini Station, there are quite a few solutions to shoes from.

Are There Pharmacies In Termini Station?

Yes, and in fact, there are two pharmacies at your disposal. One is a two-floor store on the ground floor to the left side of the tracks, right next to the McDonalds. It is a large store with a wide range of solutions for anything bugging you. Termini has a second pharmacy on the floor -1, one level below ground. It is smaller, but less crowded, which is important during the busy periods of the day.

Additionally, while not a pharmacy, there is also a Conad grocery store also on the first sub-level (floor -1). This has a simpler selection of solutions for you, and you can also buy some water and fruit to help with any dehydration you might be experiencing.

Do They Sell Advil in Termini Railway Station?

Advil, or generically known as Ibuprofen (Ibuprofene), is available in Italy and in the Pharmacies in Rome’s Termini Station, but you need to be prepared to talk to a Pharmacist about getting it. While a prescription isn’t needed, it is behind the counter, so be prepared to describe your pains and ask someone for Moment or Brufen, which are the better known brand names that you will find in Italy. If you forget the brands, remember the Italian pronunciation of: Ibuprofene, because nobody knows what Advil is here. 

What Is Tylenol in Italian?

Similar to Ibuprofene, Tylenol is not a brand well known here in Italy, but the generic names of Acetaminophen and Paracetamol are, so you will want to remember these. In particular, Paracetamol seems to be well known and easily accessible, but again, you will have to ask the Pharmacist as this is also an Over-The-Counter medicine in Italy.

Rome's train station - Optical

Glasses and Contacts

Buying Contact Lenses In Termini Station Rome

I am a contact lens wearer, so you imagine my excitement when I learned how easy it was to buy them here in Rome. There is at least one Optical store in the sub-level of Termini Station where you will be able to buy replacement contacts. There is also a wide variety of glasses, but I’m guessing it is less likely that someone will forget their glasses.

Do You Need A Prescription For Contact Lenses In Italy?

Amazingly no, you do not need a prescription for contact lenses in Italy. What you should do is take a picture of your box of contacts on the end showing the power, and that is enough. If you only have a prescription, I’m sure the right prescription can be determined. I was quite happy to learn how easy this process is, and if you had contact trouble while flying to Rome, Termini Station has options for your viewing needs.

How Much Are Contact Lenses In Italy?

I was used to buying 90-day supplies of contacts in the US, but this seems uncommon here in Italy. What is much easier to find are the 30-day supplies, and for my basic prescription, the boxes seem to run about €15 for one box. Like in the US, if you have special vision needs, it will probably cost more, but at least this gives you a basis of comparison. My contacts in the US cost me more than $22 for 30 days, so there is a decent savings here in Italy.

Your Dining Guide For Mercato Centrale In Rome’s Termini Station

If you are looking for an Italian food market after arriving in Termini Station, look no further than Mercato Centrale for the best food in Rome. You may already be familiar with Mercato Centrale If you have ever been to Milan, Florence or Turin, but you might not realize that Rome has one of these great markets that serve amazing food that is a step up from the fast food options you immediately encounter when you step off the bus or train at Termini Station.

Rome's Train Station - Empanadas


How Does Mercato Centrale Work?

At Mercato Centrale Rome, the process is a little different from your typical food court in the US, but it is well worth understanding a few of these important points so that your dining experience can be as fantastic as you would expect.

  • Buying Products At The Stores – You can shop for groceries at all stores and eat hot or cold food freshly prepared by the wide range of restaurants in the market. This is important if you are either coming or going.
  • You Can Order Drinks At The Table –  After you sit down, you can place your drinks order with the wait staff. They will serve you and you can pay them directly.
  • Infopoint – At the Infopoint, you can find out more information about the products, events and services at Mercato Centrale.
  • Pay At Every Store – Every store sells its own products, which allows you to pay at each store for anything you choose to eat or take with you.
  • Yeah Dogs! – Dogs are welcome at Mercato Centrale! The management might issue muzzles for large dogs, if they deem it necessary.
  • Free Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is free and always available.
  • Open Seating – All of Mercato Centrale’s tables, including on the second floor, are available at no extra cost to enjoy the food bought from the stores.
  • Available Toilets – Toilets are located at the far end of the Mercato on the ground floor.

What Can You Eat At Mercato Centrale in Rome?

The Mercato Centrale food court is deceivingly large. When you first enter the space, your senses are hit on all sides by the delicious sound and smells of the market. Don’t be overwhelmed by this and continue on into the seating area that is surrounded by the amazing artisan restaurants. Below is a complete list of amazing foods you will find, but I’ve provided a little more information about the ones that we have enjoyed, and links to the ones we will enjoy in the future for you to consider for your next visit.

The Trapizzino

This is not your typical Italian pizza, but is definitely worth checking out. Is it a pocket of white pizza (Pizza Bianca), crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, filled with a variety of delicious filling. These famous pockets of pizza are made fresh daily with sourdough bread and served stuffed with typical Roman recipes. Our favorite is the Meatball Trapizzino but there are many delicious options.

Rome's train station - Trapizzino


Wine By The Glass

They say: “Each glass tells a story” and there’s always something new to try here. Prosecco, whites, reds and rosés, great classics, organic and natural wines, both bottled and by the glass are available for your drinking and dining pleasure. This might be the best place to celebrate your arrival in Rome.

The Pizza

This traditional pizzeria offers a range from classic and signature pizzas to perfectly golden and crisp fried delicacies. This Neapolitan style pizza has the aim to select ingredients based on their seasonality and divides the offerings between classic and signature pizzas and fried dishes.

The Argentinian Empanadas Shop

When we first spotted this shop, we weren’t really interested in it because we were more focused on Italian food, but we gave in once we saw these delicious empanadas. These were amazing and paired well with the glasses of Prosecco we enjoyed. This shop is a journey through the flavors of Argentine cuisine. The owners are an Argentianian with Italian parents, and a Roman who learned about the magic of these empanadas after spending time in Argentina. If this is your first time in Rome, I can understand why you might focus on Italian food, but these shouldn’t be missed because you may not find them anywhere else in Rome. At least I haven’t.

Other Great Restaurants In Mercato Centrale Rome

I’ve only described above the amazing places I’ve enjoyed, but there is so much more in Mercato Centrale that you should check out. Here are some of the other options available to you:

Where Is Mercato Centrale In Rome?

Finding Mercato Centrale in Rome is surprisingly difficult because it is part of Termini Station in Rome, but if you are in the station, you need to leave it to find the market. The official address is: Via Giovanni Giolitti, 36, which is the road that runs along the southwest side of the building. When you exit the station into the taxi and bus area, turn left until you reach Via Giovanni Giolitti, turn left and follow the wall of Termini until you reach the market.

The other, less obvious way to reach Mercato Centrale from within Termini Station is to head southwest (left, facing away from the tracks) and enter the COIN store. Turn left and continue walking past the car rental services until you reach the market.

When Does Mercato Centrale Rome Open?

The Mercato Centrale in Rome is open daily. The hours for Sunday to Thursday are from 7:30 AM until 11:00 PM. On the weekends, the hours for Friday and Saturday are from 7:30 AM until midnight.

Keep in mind that not all the restaurants are open in the morning. If you are arriving before lunch time, you will only find coffee and pastry shops, but they are great as well. If you are looking for something more hearty, come between lunch and closing times.

Where To Buy A SIM Card In Rome’s Termini Station

After you land in Rome, Italy, finding where to buy a SIM card for your phone is one of the first things you should do and this is your guide.

What Is A Sim Card Used For?

Rome's Train Station - TIM

TIM Store

If you weren’t aware, SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module and it is a memory chip that holds unique information about your cell phone account. It tracks the identity of the country, carrier, and user of any given cell phone. In other words, when your cell phone connects to a cellular network, the SIM card tells the network who is using it.

Do You Need A Sim Card In Italy?

You aren’t required to get a SIM from an Italian telecom service when you arrive, but it is something you will need to consider for a couple of important reasons. First, if you use Verizon or AT&T in the US, you will need to check into their international plans. For example, Verizon’s TravelPass is an additional $10 per day, for which you get unlimited calls and text, but data is pulled from your domestic balance, which can be an issue since wi-fi isn’t quite as ubiquitous as in the U.S. and you will probably use it more for maps and WhatsApp while here.

Do You Need A Data Or Voice SIM Card In Italy?

When you buy a SIM card in Italy, it should include both voice and data. You will need a voice SIM for a couple of reasons: making emergency calls to Italian authorities in the case of an emergency, calling restaurants to make a reservation or calling your home country. You will need a data SIM for most other things, like using WhatsApp to communicate, navigating with Google maps or just checking your email. Don’t try to save money here, you need a full service SIM card in Italy.

How Do I Buy A SIM Card At Rome’s Termini Station?

When you are planning your trip to Italy, you will need to decide if you would prefer to use your existing US (or non-Italian) cellular carrier or if it makes more sense to buy a SIM card in Italy. After you arrive in Rome’s Termini Station, a SIM card from Italy may be the first thing you do.

Rome's train station - Vodafone

Vodafone Store

There are stores for the major and minor Italian carriers on the ground level (piano 0), which is the level with the train tracks (binario), and on the “basement” level (piano -1) in Termini Station. Once you exit the security gates by the trains, stores for buying SIM Cards from the major Italian telecom companies, TIMVodafone and WindTre are easy to find. There is also a kiosk in the main hall for what looks like a lower-cost mobile provider called Kena. It looks like it is a brand of TIM and I don’t see any plans specific for travelers, so you should probably just skip that one.

All of the major Italian telecom companies have plans that are comparable, so don’t spend a lot of time trying to compare the plans between the carriers.

Buying A SIM Card From Vodafone At Termini Station

The first option for buying a SIM card in Termini Station is from Vodafone. There are two stores in Termini, one one the main concourse on the ground floor (piano 0) and if that is too busy, there is another store on the “basement” level (piano -1).

Their program, called Vodafone Holiday, is specifically designed for tourists and costs 30€, which includes the SIM card and the first renewal. Vodafone Holiday is available only for rechargeable plans and it is valid only for calls, messages and data usage only in Italy. The minutes and messages included are valid for Italian and foreign numbers for countries included in the promotion. Pay-numbers (ex. 89xxxxx) and answering service are not included in the promotion.

Buying A SIM Card From TIM At Termini Station

Another option for buying a SIM card in Termini Station is from TIM. Like Vodafone, there are two stores in Termini, one one the main concourse on the ground floor (piano 0) and if that is too busy, there is another store on the “basement” level (piano -1).

TIM also has a plan designed for touristsViaggio PASS Mondo, in Italy. The cost details are:

  • The cost of the offer is €30, which is charged at the time of activation.
  • If the minutes, SMS or GB included in the offer run out, the basic roaming rates will apply if there are no other offers dedicated to international roaming that may have been activated on the line.

There are more details available on their site, but at a high-level, some of the offer details are:

  • Promo offer that can be activated by 29 January 2023.
  • All prices shown are VAT included.
  • The offer is valid for incoming and outgoing calls, sent text messages and smartphone browsing in over 80 non-European countries.
  • The offer will be activated within 48 hours of the request at the latest.
  • The 100 minutes of calls included in the offer include 50 minutes of calls made roaming from the countries included in the offer to Italy and the country visited, and 50 minutes of calls received. The minutes, SMS and GB included in the offer will be usable within ten days of the first call, SMS or Internet connection made abroad and, in any case, by 02/28/2024.
  • The use of the bundle expires on the tenth day at 23:59 Italian time.
  • Following expiry, the offer can be reactivated by the customer.

Buying A SIM Card From WINDTRE At Termini Station

Another option for buying a SIM card in Termini Station is from WINDTRE. Like Tim and Vodafone, there are two stores in Termini, one one the main concourse on the ground floor (piano 0) and if that is too busy, there is another store on the “basement” level (piano -1).

The WINDTRE program for tourists is called: Tourist Pass – SIM for Tourists. The details are:

  • 20 GB of Data
  • 13.7 GB of Data used in the member countries of the European Union
  • 100 Minutes to Italian numbers and 100 Minutes to phone numbers Abroad
  • It is a Self-deactivating offer, which is convenient.

While this is an inexpensive option, on a personal note, we recently used all three major carriers for a couple weeks, both in Italy and on a brief sojourn in Paris, and while TIM and Vodafone seemed to function well, there were more dead zone with WINDTRE, but again, that was just our limited experience with all three at the same time.

Unlocking Your Phone – The PUK And The PIN

  • The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is intended to protect your SIM Card from unauthorized use. 
  • The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is a code consisting of 8 digits. It is used to unblock your SIM card when you enter an incorrect PIN 3 times. A card blocked by the PUK code cannot be unblocked and you have to replace it.

These numbers are on the card holding your new SIM and it is important to save them securely. When using a SIM card in Italy, some phones are set to require that every time you turn off your phone and turn it back on, you will have to unlock your SIM card, especially if it isn’t from your domestic service provider. My experience is that this security feature can be turned off, but at least the first time you are prompted, you will need the PIN.

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