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The Best Spots For Running In Rome Are Easy To Find

Running in Rome is a breathtaking choice for those runners who enjoy a blend of ancient history, architectural beauty and the tranquil green spaces in Rome.

Running In Rome - Popular Places

Running Is Popular In Rome

Whether you are a seasoned runner or a beginner, you can enjoy a variety of running routes in Rome. In this report, we will explore some of the best places to run in Rome that are safe, scenic, and offer a challenge.

Is Running In Rome Any Good?

Rome is a beautiful city for running, but it is important to know where you will have the best time. The locations available to you create an amazing backdrop to your jogging, but the cobblestone streets and hills could be a challenge for the inexperienced.

Do People Jog In Italy?

Yes, people jog for exercise and fitness all over Rome and there are some amazing locations that should not be missed. Jogging and running have become increasingly popular in Italy over the past few decades and many Italians have embraced these activities as a way to stay healthy and active.

Running In Rome - Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium

In Rome in the mornings you can see joggers running through the streets, parks, and along the Tiber river banks. There are organized running events, such as marathons, half-marathons, and fun runs, that attract thousands of participants from all over the country and the world.

Can You Run Around The Colosseum?

No, not really. One reason is that being such a major tourist site, it is usually crowded with tourists. There is also fencing around the site to funnel people in the right direction, and there are additional barriers set up due to the construction of the Metro C line that seems to go on forever. Lastly, the stadium is surrounded by cobblestones that would make for a challenging jog for even the most experienced. If you broaden the circle a bit, you can run from the Colosseum to Circus Maximus to Piazza Venezia and back to the Colosseum mostly on the sidewalk, but you will  need to get up pretty early to avoid the crowds.

Can You Run Around Vatican City?

Surprisingly, yes. It is possible to run around the outside of Vatican City. The Vatican is a walled autonomous country within Rome and has several running routes around its perimeter. One popular running route in Vatican City is a loop that hugs the walls of the city-state. The loop is about 2.5 miles long and offers runners beautiful views of the Vatican’s historic buildings and gardens.

Where To Run In Rome

Park Of The Aqueducts (Parco degli Acquedotti)

The Park of the Aqueducts is a public park to the southeast of Rome. It’s part of the Appian Way Regional Park (Regionale Parco dell’Appia Antica). As you might guess, the park is named after the ruins of the aqueducts that run throughout the park. For runners, there are plenty of wide dirt paths winding around and under the aqueducts and the surrounding green lawns. There are several starting points and a loop around the main park is about 6 km.

Running In Rome - Aqueducts

Running Along The Aqueducts

Foro Italico

The Foro Italico is a sprawling sports complex built north of the historical center (Centro Storico) of Rome, Italy. It was built starting in 1928 as the Foro Mussolini under the design of Enrico Del Debbio and Luigi Moretti. Part of the sprawling sports complex is Olympic Stadium (Stadio dei Marmi), which contains an Olympic size running track. This is a great solution if you are not as interested in trail running. The surrounding area is covered in statues and os an amazing setting for a nice jog.

Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is one of the most beautiful parks in Rome, covering almost 200 acres of greenery, lakes, and statues. The park is located in central Rome and offers excellent running opportunities for joggers and runners. The park’s pathways are well-maintained, and there are many options for runners to choose from, including flat routes and hilly terrains.

Running In Rome - Borghese

Borghese Gardens

One of the popular routes in Villa Borghese is the three-mile loop that takes you around the park’s perimeter. The route offers a mixture of hills and flat sections, and you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city from the top of the Pincio Terrace. The park also offers several shorter routes that allow runners to customize their workout according to their fitness level.

The Appian Way (Via Appia Antica)

The Appian Way (Via Appia Antica) is an ancient road that dates back to the Roman Empire, and it is one of the best places to run in Rome. The road is lined with ancient ruins, monuments, and archaeological sites, making it a fascinating destination for runners who want to combine a love of history and exercise. The road is mostly traffic-free, which makes it ideal for jogging. It stretches for about 10 miles and it is a mix of flat and hilly sections, so you can expect a challenging workout.

Janiculum Hill (Gianicolo Hill)

Janiculum Hill (Gianicolo Hill) is located on the west side of the Tiber River, and it offers stunning views of the city. The hill is relatively steep, and runners can expect a challenging workout. The hill covers about 1.5 miles and you can define a route according to your fitness needs. One of the popular routes in Janiculum Hill is the loop that takes you around the hill’s perimeter. The route is a mix of steep hills and flat sections, and it offers breathtaking views of the city. Runners can also extend their workout by connecting to other routes in the area.

Running In Rome - Janiculum

Running In Janiculum Hill

Colle Oppio Park

Colle Oppio Park is a beautiful park located right across the street from the Colosseum. The park offers a variety of terrains, including flat sections and hilly areas. The park is relatively small, covering only about 30 acres, but it offers breathtaking views of the Colosseum and the ancient ruins.

One of the popular routes in Colle Oppio Park takes you around the park’s perimeter. The route is about a mile long, and it offers a mix of hills and flat sections. Runners typically extend their workout by doing multiple loops, and they can take advantage of the park’s other amenities, like a basketball court, shortened soccer (calcio) field and a recently installed skateboard park.

Are There Private Places For Running In Rome?

There are private running tracks around the city, but as they typically involve a longer term membership that wouldn’t be helpful to the short term visitor, these might be a good choice for someone planning for a longer stay.

One track that caught my eye was the Stadium of the Baths of Caracalla (Stadio delle Terme di Caracalla), also called Stadio Nando Martinelli. This athletics facility in Rome, located near the Baths of Caracalla, has a track 400m long with six lanes. It is an amazing location in the shadow of the Baths. In 2002 the stadium was named after the journalist and commentator Nando Martellini.

Running In Rome - Nando Martinelli

Nando Martinelli Stadium

Running In Rome Can Be Amazing

Rome offers an abundance of running routes for joggers and runners. The city’s parks, ancient ruins, and hills provide a challenging and scenic workout. Whether you prefer a flat terrain or a hilly route, Rome has something to offer for everyone.

When running in Rome, it’s important to stay safe by following the traffic rules, carrying a phone, and running during daylight hours. With these precautions in mind, runners can fully enjoy their workout while exploring the beauty and history of Rome. If you are interested in more information on the sites mentioned in the article above: 

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