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The US Consulate In Rome, Italy Is here To Help You

Officially known as the Embassy of the United States of America to Italy, the US Consulate in Rome is the main location in Italy, but there are also Consulates in Florence, Naples and Milan that are available to help when traveling.

(Editor’s Note: I had hoped for more images of the US Embassy in Rome, but I was warned away by the Police and told not to take any pictures. I thought taking pictures of people might be a problem, but they are even stricter that I expected.)

How Do I Contact The US Consulate In Rome?

I would start reviewing the details on the website for the US Consulate in Rome first, and if you can’t find the answers you are looking for, you can call them at: (+39) 06.46741. If calling doesn’t work for you, then you can reach the U.S. Embassy in Rome in person at: via Vittorio Veneto, 121, 00187 Roma.

Does The U.S. Embassy In Rome Have An Ambassador?

Currently, as of the Summer of 2022, there is no US Ambassador to Italy. The last Ambassador’s term ended in January 2021, following the end of the previous administration. When there is no Ambassador, as I understand it, the Chargé d’Affaires is in charge until the new one is appointed. Currently, the Chargé d’Affaires is Mr. Thomas D. Smitham.

We recently heard a rumor regarding the Ambassadorship that I wanted to share with you. I mention this only because I want to feel like I’m informed, which I clearly am not, but if it comes to pass I’ll know that I can trust my sources. The rumor I heard was that the position is being left open until the upcoming midterm elections. When they go bad for the party in power, as expected, current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will step down and be appointed as Ambassador. Let’s watch how things play out. (Editors Note: Well, I guess that wasn’t a very good rumor :-))

US Consulate in Rome - The Vatican

US Embassy To the Vatican is also in The Complex

Getting Your Passport Replaced At The American Embassy In Rome

One of the most important services the Embassy provides US citizens in Rome is the ability to replace a lost or stolen passport. I mentioned previously how you are required to carry your passport at all times in Italy. This isn’t an exaggeration because I can attest from personal experience that they will check your documents at any time. If you are carrying around your passport, as you should, and you get pick-pocketed or purse-snatched, you will be in a pickle and need a replacement fast, or at least before you try to leave the country.

American Embassy Services

I recently heard some first-hand experience about getting a replacement passport and I was heartened to learn that the Embassy has an effective process and the traveler’s experience was positive. You don’t hear that everyday, so I wanted to include it here. This is a Facebook group post, but I unfortunately don’t have the person’s name. Please read this:

“After many international trips with no issue, I lost my passport somewhere in Italy a couple weeks ago. I thought maybe I had left it at the last place I remembered having it out, but they said nothing was ever turned in. I called the local police to see if it had been turned in, but no it had not. After searching the house and car thoroughly we knew it was gone. I didn’t take the time to file a police report because the end result was going to be the same. It was lost and I needed a new one.”

“I had heard that there was a way to get an emergency passport somehow, so I didn’t panic, but searched my options online. The replacement was way easier and faster than I expected! No appointment was necessary. Online it said if we were there before noon we’d have a replacement the same day. It sounded encouraging. It also said online that if you need a couple passport size photos they can do that at the consulate. Perfect! I figured we would start the process, go have lunch, and have to spend the day there shopping while we waited for the actual replacement to be made.”

“We arrived at 11:15. When we approached the front door, the guard asked why we were there. He then called someone and handed me the phone. They asked if we had photos, and when I said no, they said we needed to walk to a nearby photography shop to get them made. I started to get concerned I was going to run out of time. I thought the entire process had to be completed by 12:00. At about 11:45 they gave me a 3 page application. I filled out the 1st page and gave it back so they could start while I was filling out the rest. Handed her the 2nd page and someone else took that, then handed her the final page. All simple stuff like basic passport and residence information, redundant info.”

“It took me 10-15 minutes to fill out the paperwork and 3-5 minutes later they handed me my completed new emergency passport! The cost was around €150. We walked out just after 12:00! Forty-five minutes total, including going to get photos made! It’s good for a year, and if I follow the instructions they gave me to convert it to a permanent passport, they told me the permanent one will not cost me any additional money in the US.”

That is a crisis averted and a bit shocking to me how quick the process was. I would’ve expected multiple days, delays and the need to reschedule the return flight, but maybe I’ve been in Italy too long and have even less faith in bureaucracy.

US Consulate In Rome - Fontana

Fontana Sallustiana Outside the Embassy Complex

Other American Embassy Services Available

There is a wide range of services available to US citizens while they are in Rome, but I’m choosing not to include Federal Programs that seem more focused on American Citizens living here in Rome and not for visitors. These include services related to the IRS, Selective Service, Social Security, Voting and Veterans Affairs. If you need information on these services, you should start on their website and maybe also get in contact with them.

Travel Safety Alerts From The US Embassy In Rome

I written previously about: Is Rome Safe for tourists and locals and the Travel Advisory Level, which is currently at Level 2 and means Exercise Increased Caution, and that all travelers should be aware of this alerting system. In order to receive these alerts you should enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which also makes it easier for the State Department to locate you in case of an emergency. Being tracked, even a little, by the US Government does give some people reason for concern, so it’s up to you if the value  of the alerts and if the ability to contact you is worth a small loss of privacy.

You can also follow the Department of State on their socials, read in more detail the Country Security Report for Italy and review their Traveler’s Checklist, which also has more details on traveling within the Schengen Area of Europe.

Emergency Assistance From The Rome Consulate

If you are the victim of a crime, or the cause of a crime (i.e. you are arrested), you should be aware of the emergency assistance available from the Embassy. They can assist you with finding a local attorney that speaks English, help you get in touch with relatives and ensure you are being treated fairly. They can help you get appropriate medical care in Italy, but they can not get you out of jail, determine your guilt or innocence, act as an attorney or pay any bills.

If you or a family member dies while traveling in Italy, the Embassy will assist you in these difficult times of the death of your relative. All American citizens who die overseas can receive a Consular Report of Death Abroad which is important when filing insurance claims or pursuing any legal actions. They will help you by approving an official death certificate and they will assist with the export of the remains of your family member back to the U.S.

If you find yourself in Rome and are temporarily destitute because of unforeseen circumstances, the Embassy can assist you as well. Consular officers can help you contact your family, bank, or employer to arrange for a transfer of funds.

US Consulate In Rome - Entrance

Car Entrance to Embassy Complex

Local Resource Recommendations From The US Embassy

Getting local assistance unexpectedly can be a challenge, especially if you are not too strong with spoken and written Italian. I had mentioned above how they can assist in finding local lawyers that speak English, but there is much more.

The Embassy in Rome and the Consulates have prepared lists of hospitals, English speaking doctors, ambulances, laboratories and pharmacies which are available to U.S. citizens. My experience with Italian healthcare was complex and unlike the American healthcare system and the medical personnel working in Italy are not required to speak English, so if you have unexpected health issues, the Embassy is here to help.

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