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The Vittoriano Monument In Rome – Your Questions Answered

The Vittoriano monument in Rome is one of the most eye-catching symbols of the city that you can’t miss and here is why you should visit this amazing site.

Vittoriano Monument In Rome - Daylight

Vittoriano During The Day

The Vittoriano Monument in Rome, officially known as the Victor Emmanuel II National Monument and unofficially known as Altare della Patria, is a neoclassical style national monument that is the center of Rome. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions that can help you plan your visit to the Eternal City.

The Vittoriano Monument In Rome FAQs

What Is The Building In Rome With Horses On The Roof?

The Vittoriano Monument in Rome has two statues dramatically placed on both ends of the roof. The states are of the Goddess Victoria, who was the personification of the god of victory, and who replaced the Greek god of victory, Nike. Victoria is riding a chariot drawn by four horses, known as a Quadriga

Can You Go Inside The Vittoriano?

You can go inside the Vittoriano Monument in Rome for a number of reasons, among them are: visiting a museum dedicated to the history of Italy, temporary exhibits of artistic interests, a shrine of the flags that celebrate the flags from divisions of the Italian army from the time of the unity, as well as the restrooms.

What Was The Vittoriano Used For?

In a city like Rome, the Vittoriano monument was built relatively recently, having been built at the turn of the 20th century and the plan was to honor the first king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II. During the Fascist period, from 1922 to 1943, the monument was used as an important cog in the propaganda of the regime, having been used as a backdrop for military parades. Still today, the Monument is used to celebrate the military, as an endpoint for parades and as a gathering point for a group of Santas on Motorcycles (something I just experienced).

Vittoriano Monument In Rome - Brinze Statues

Bronze Statues

How Old Is Vittoriano?

The construction of the Vittoriano monument in Rome lasted from 1885 until 1911. The construction of the monument began with the demolition of three medieval buildings, the Aracoeli Convent, The Tower of Paul III and a “passetto” connecting the tower with Palazzo Venezia. The building was inaugurated on June 4th, 1911 by Victor Emmanuel III.

Who Built Vittoriano?

Giuseppe Sacconi, who was barely 30 years old, won a competition for designing the Vittoriano, and his plan was to build in the classical and Renaissance tradition in the style of Donato Bramante. A separate competition was held for the construction of the statue of the King, much to Sacconi’s chagrin.

Sacconi died in 1905 and the Vittoriano monument was still largely incomplete. The collaborators of Sacconi tried to realize his ideas and finish the construction with his vision, but that was taken over by three new architects, Gaetano Koch, Manfredo Manfredi and Pio Piacentini who completed the work of Giuseppe Sacconi.

Where Is The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier In Rome?

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Rome is located on the front side of the Vittoriano Monument in Rome. It is directly underneath the statue of the goddess Roma, and also underneath the Equestrian statue of Victor Emmanuel II.

Multiple official national government ceremonies take place in front of the tomb, including: Liberation Day, Republic Day, and National Unity and Armed Forces Day. During these events, a wreath is placed at the foot of the Tomb in the memory of fallen and missing Italians during the wars.

Vittoriano Monument In Rome - Almost monochromatic

Almost Monochromatic

Do You Need A Ticket For Vittoriano?

Entry to the Vittoriano monument in Rome is free, which gives you access to the majority of the interior, the front stairs, the colonnade and a couple of spots with some amazing views. There is a cost on the occasion of some temporary art exhibits, as well as access to the roof, by way of the elevators in the back. If you can, the views from the roof are amazing and worth the relatively inexpensive €7 for a ticket.

How Do I Get To The Top Of Vittoriano?

There are two elevators, made in steel and crystal, that will bring you up to the roof for some of the most amazing views in the city. The cost is €7 to use it, and definitely worth the expense. In addition to the city views, getting an up close view of the two Vittoria on Chariots statues of Liberty and Freedom are even more impressive.

Vittoriano Monument In Rome - Chariots of Liberty and Freedom

Chariots of Liberty and Freedom

Is The Vittoriano Worth Visiting?

Even though Italians don’t love the monument, referring to it as the Wedding Cake, it is an important monument that anchors the center of the city with some of the most amazing views that you can experience for a relatively paltry €7. For this reason, I believe that the Vittoriano monument in Rome is definitely worth visiting.

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