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Is The Roma Pass Worth It? This Guide Will Help You Decide

The Rome Pass is for people visiting Rome giving access at reduced prices to major attractions and public transportation. Learn here if the Roma Pass is worth it for you.

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If you plan to travel to Rome you will probably hear the recommendation: “You really need the Roma Pass!” and when you hear that, you nod in agreement and quickly change the subject. The Rome Pass (Roma Pass) is a card for tourists to use that gives you access to reduced prices for major attractions and unlimited use of public transportation. It is good for two or three days, depending on the option that you choose.

Why Is The Roma Pass Worth It?

The two options available today are:

  • The Roma Pass 72 Hours, which costs 52€. This includes access to two museums or archaeological sites, free use of public transportation operated by ATAC and free access to toilet services of the P.Stop network. Beyond that, there are also reduced ticket prices to other museums and sites. This does not include connections to and from Fiumicino Airport.

  • The Roma Pass 48 Hours costs 32€. This only includes entrance to one museum or site but does also include the reduced ticket prices during the 48 hours after validation. There is also free use of public transportation operated by ATAC and free access to toilet services of the P.Stop network. This last point is important because if you plan on walking around all day, you are going to need to make a stop. 

What Sites Are Included With The Roma Pass?

The list of sites and attractions available is pretty extensive but it does include what you would expect, like the Colosseum, The Forum, The Baths of Caracalla, the Capitoline Museum and the Borghese Gallery. For the complete list you should go to the Roma Pass website for more details.

It is probably more useful to describe the less obvious points that might impact your decision to buy, or not buy, the Roma Pass. The days you will be visiting the city and which museums that are important to you should help you decide. For example:

  • On the first Sunday of every month the admission is free for all national museums and archaeological sites (Colosseum included).
  • Most museums generally are closed on Mondays, with the exception of: Colosseum, Trajan’s Market and the Capitoline Museum.
  • There are a number of museums that are admission free, even without the card. Admittedly they are lower down the list of places you will need to see on your first trip to Rome but you should check with the museum.
  • Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, being in a different country and not part of Rome, are not included with the pass.
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It can not be overstated that it is highly recommended to check the hours of operation and book your tickets ahead of time, especially if you are traveling during peak season. For the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and the Borghese Gallery you should, even on weekdays, book at least 10 days in advance.

What Services Does The ROMA Pass Include?

In addition to the free access to toilet services of the P.Stop network and free wi-fi at those stops, the list of services provide you with a wide range of ways to enjoy Rome. The Roma Pass will provide you a discount when booking city tours, baggage storage at Termini, e-Bike rentals, bus tours and Segway tours.

I’m not sure this is accurately described as a service, but one of the great benefits of the Roma Pass is the time savings of not having to stand in line at the Colosseum or at Castel Sant’Angelo. The lines at these two sites during the season are ridiculous and unless you only want to see one site in an entire day, you should ignore the hawkers outside these sites trying to sell you their services and consider getting the Roma Pass.

Is the Roma Pass different From The Omnia Card Rome?

There used to only be the Roma Pass, but today there are others to consider and one of them is the Omnia Card. This is a bit more expensive than the Roma Pass but includes much more. There is a 24 hour version that costs 69€ and a 72 hour card that costs 129€. These have more of a Vatican City and Roman Catholic church focus with audio guides, bus tours and the ability to skip the line at the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

I don’t think these are truly competing cards because they offer different experiences. In fact, the 72 Hour Omnia card includes the Roma Pass, so I think the only question is if you want to see the Vatican City sites in addition to the Roma pass. My initial reaction is that the 24 Hour version of the card might not be worth the cost since it doesn’t include the transportation options that the Roma Pass does. 

Where To Buy The Roma Pass

You will see the Roma Pass signs all over Rome, but to be specific, you can buy the passes:

  • Online on the Roma Pass site.

  • At Museums and Tourist Information Points

  • Also at ATAC – Subway Ticket Offices

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Tourist Info Point in Rome, Italy

So, Is The Roma Pass Worth It?

The value of the Roma Pass is entirely dependent on how you plan to travel. Do you prefer self-guided exploring and will you take public transportation? If you answered “yes”, then it is definitely worthwhile because the entrance tickets to the Colosseum and to the Capitoline Museums alone are worth the price of the card, not to mention the time savings by skipping the line.

To get the most value from your travel dollars, I would recommend:

  • Definitely buy your Roma Pass online.
  • Plan ahead and check hours of operation.
  • Your pass is activated when you start using it, like riding the bus or entering the museum, so make sure you are paying attention to the time remaining.
  • Make sure you know when museums are closed and when they are free.

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