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The Piazza Venezia Construction Is An Obstacle For Visitors

The Piazza Venezia construction site that is underway is a mess in the heart of Rome, it is an obstacle for visitors and here is what is important for you.

Piazza Venezia Construction - Obstacles And Blockings

If you have visited Rome in the last few months or if you are coming to visit later this year, the construction in Piazza Venezia is obvious because it overwhelms this piazza, which in my opinion is the heart of Rome. In fact, during this past holiday season that Christmas tree that normally adorns Piazza Venezia was moved down the road to Piazza del Popolo. Not very far, but in my opinion the setting wasn’t as nice and it took some of the enjoyment away (for me).

But as a visitor to Rome, does this construction matter and is there anything you should do to avoid or minimize the impact this construction is having? I will give you some background information and recommendations on dealing with this mess.

What Is The Construction In Piazza Venezia?

The main reason for the construction in Piazza Venezia is the extension of Metro Line C, which is the third subway line that criss-crosses (or will criss-cross) the city of Rome. Currently, the C line terminates near San Giovanni, but it is in the process of being extended out to the north of the  Vatican.

Piazza Venezia Construction - New Subway Stop

This extension has been going on for years, and if you have visited the Colosseum in the last few years the construction you see there is part of the same project. Progress is slow because of how much “treasure” is unearthed when you dig under modern day Rome.

Part of this project is to put a Metro station in Piazza Venezia and during the pre-excavation work, remains were found of an Athenaeum (a school) from Emperor Hadrian’s time. Because of this, the excavation stopped until the full scope of the discovery was known. If you know the area around Piazza Venezia, this isn’t much of a surprise but it does delay progress quite a bit.

Is The Piazza Venezia Construction Worth It?

Of course the answer to this question is debatable and really based on Rome’s biggest challenges and if this work helps address them. According to the construction project managers, WeBuildGroup, that value of this project can be quantified by these factors:

  • Work For Italy: Approximately 98% of the companies that worked on the project are Italian.
  • Reducing traffic from the south-western suburbs to the city center.
  • Fully integrating with the public transport system and creating a real “network effect” for Rome’s mobility.
  • Line C will allow for transport of up to 800,000 daily passengers.
Piazza Venezia Construction - Cranes

What Is Metro Line C?

Metro Line C is the third Rome subway line, which also includes Metro A and Metro B, that runs from the eastern suburbs of Rome to San Giovanni near the city center and at the Aurelian Walls where it meets Line A. This first section was fully opened in 2018 and from there, construction began to extend the line across the city center and continuing north of Vatican City.

Piazza Venezia Construction - Metro C Map

The current footprint of the Metro C line is something that would typically only be needed by residents, as opposed to tourists, because the end closest to the city center is near San Giovanni and then it heads out of town. The construction currently underway will be more useful for tourists, but not for a very long time.

I have taken this automated metro line on a couple of occasions when I was heading out to the Frascati region to taste some wines and visit some vineyards. To get from the end of the Metro C line to the vineyards is still a bit of a hike, but it is the least expensive way I have found to do to, but I don’t think that would be important to a visitor to Rome.

Piazza Venezia Construction - Tanks For Cement?

When Will The Work In Piazza Venezia Be Finished?

The current (as of 2023) thinking is that the project will be completed by 2033, but I don’t think long term planning is possible with a construction project like this due to the very real possibility of finding important archaeological remains at any point during the excavation and construction. 

I had hoped the Piazza Venezia construction would be done by the Jubilee in 2025, but I think that is unlikely. In June of 2023, the Mayor of Rome said that the construction of the Fori Imperiali stop, which is the work being done at the Colosseum, would be available in March 2025, so it looks like Piazza Venezia will remain a construction site well beyond 2025.

What Is Jubilee 2025?

If you have traveled around Rome recently, you have probably noticed quite a bit of construction projects around every corner. This work is unrelated to the Metro C construction and driven by the Jubilee 2025

The Roman Catholic church celebrates a Jubilee Year every 25 years and according to Vatican News

“The Jubilee Year is a special year of grace, in which the Church offers the faithful the possibility of obtaining a plenary indulgence. Traditionally, it begins just before Christmas and ends on the Epiphany of the following year.

The Pope inaugurates the Holy Year with the rite of the opening of the Holy Door in St. Peter’s Basilica. After that, the Holy Doors of the other papal basilicas – St John Lateran, St Paul Outside the Walls, and St Mary Major – are opened and remain so until the end of the Jubilee Year.”

Piazza Venezia Construction - Heart Of Rome

More Information About Getting Around Rome On Your Next Visit

If you are planning a trip to Rome in the near future and you are worried about the Piazza Venezia construction site, here are some suggestions about getting around Rome that you might find helpful:

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