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The Most Secret Garden In Rome Is Villa Aldobrandini Park

This secret garden in Rome is a true hidden gem that you can easily miss, but shouldn’t, when you are walking around the historical center of the Eternal City.

Secret Garden In Rome - Not Headless

If you are walking around the center of Rome and want to take a quiet moment of rest, or if you have a dog to whom you want to give some freedom, the secret garden of Villa Aldobrandini is a great park in Rome that might offer that escape. 

Is Villa Aldobrandini The Most Secret Garden In Rome?

I had read about this small park for a few years, but I had trouble finding where it was and that is saying something because when we visited in the past, we would stay near via Nazionale and walk up and down that road repeatedly. The difficulty finding this garden is because it is considered a “Hanging Garden” as it is raised a couple of stories off of ground level and surrounded by walls. I don’t know of any other parks or gardens in Rome that are so difficult to find, but it is worth checking out.

Is There Another Villa Aldobrandini Around Rome?

Yes, there is another Villa Aldobrandini, so you will want to make sure you straighten these to Villas out before making the journey. The other Villa Aldobrandini isn’t a park, it is a villa in Frascati, which is the popular wine producing region at least an hour outside of the historical center of Rome. It is still owned and lived in by the Aldobrandini family.

Secret Garden In Rome - Stairs To The Garden
Stairs To The Garden

Was This Secret Garden The Original Location Of The Azaleas?

Yes, the original location of the spring azalea display was in this secret garden which seems like a bad idea if you wanted to showcase the beautiful flower exhibit. The tradition of the Roman flower display was born at the beginning of the 1930s. The exhibition was initially set up in the park of Villa Aldobrandini, but in 1952 it moved to Piazza di Spagna and is a popular spring destination for locals and visitors alike.

What Was Surprising About This Secret Garden In Rome?

When I recently visited this garden, there were two things that really stood out to me. First, all of the statues, with the exception of a bust, were headless. I am assuming the hidden nature of this garden allows for a certain level of vandalism, but I haven’t seen an account of why these statues all appear damaged.

The second thing that stood out is, and this is common across some parks in Rome, the grounds aren’t well maintained. You can see it in my pictures and this is in clear contrast to the images that the city has on their websites. The grass is all overgrown and only good for the dogs to root around in. There are comfortable benches to enjoy, but don’t plan on bringing a blanket to spread out on the grass.

Where Is Villa Aldobrandini Park?

Currently, this garden is located near Piazza del Quirinale and has been the property of the State since 1926. This is considered a hanging garden, enclosed by walls, and is a challenge to find near Via Nazionale and Via Quattro Novembre. The garden had drastically shrunk in size following the opening of Via Nazionale and can be entered from a staircase on via Mazzarino between ancient ruins from the end of the first century.

Does Rome Have Green Spaces?

There are quite a few green spaces in Rome and I have linked to some other articles about some of my favorites. My two favorites are Aqueduct Park, which is south of the city and an enormous open space that is a great escape from the busy city. The other favorite park of mine is Villa Borghese Gardens. This park has so much to offer, from wide open spaces, boat rentals, bike rentals and one of the best museums in the city is right there.

Are Dogs Welcome In Rome’s Parks?

Let me first say that I am a dog person and a dog owner. I really love dogs and get a smile on my face whenever I see them, but a common thing is for dog owners to allow their pets off leash in almost every park I’ve been to in Rome, despite there being clear warnings that it is against the rules of the park. My dog is always on leash and it annoys me when other dog owners don’t offer me the same respect by controlling their pets.

I don’t want to go on too big of a rant here, but if you are afraid of dogs or simply don’t like unknown dogs running up to you in a park, be aware that it happens and it is common.

What Is The Famous Garden In Rome?

The Villa Borghese Gardens is the most famous garden in Rome and it is a great spot to run and relax. It is close to Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps and conveniently also houses Villa Borghese, which is one of the most popular museums in Rome. You can easily spend an entire day in the Villa Borghese Gardens and you will not leave unsatisfied. In my opinion, Villa Borghese Gardens is the most beautiful park in Rome, but not the largest, which is Villa Ada.

More Amazing Parks Around Rome

Next time you are here and are interested in finding this secret garden in Rome, let this be your guide. If you are interested in checking out more of the beautiful parks in Rome, these posts can help:

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