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Where To Stay In Rome: From Super Affordable To 5-Stars

If you are looking for where to stay in Rome on your first vacation to the Eternal City, check out these hotels that range from super affordable to 5-stars.

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If you are planning your first trip to Rome, Italy and you would like to hear some suggestions on good hotels that you should consider, I am here to help. These areas and specific hotels are located in the most popular areas around the city, and I have either stayed at them, known people who have stayed at them, or I have visited them for other reasons (think: meetings, lunch, cocktails, etc.).

Is Rome A Walkable City?

Rome is an amazingly walkable city, but of course that is dependent on your mobility. If you don’t have difficulty getting around, then walking around Rome can be an amazing adventure where you can get lost down some tiny streets, stop in some unassuming churches for some breathtaking art or pop into an inviting restaurant for a cocktail.

The city is large enough that if you want to walk from the Vatican to the Colosseum, you will be in for a pretty good trek, but if that doesn’t interest you, subways and buses can get you where you want to be easily and affordably.

What Is Considered The City Center Of Rome?

Unlike most cities around the world, Rome has a pretty clearly defined center, which is known as the Centro Storico (Historical Center) and is defined by the ancient Aurelian Walls. These are a line of protective city walls that circle the city. They were built during the reign of Roman Emperor Aurelian and they still can be seen today. If you are within these walls, you are in the center of the city and within easy walking distance to the major sites.

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Which Area Of Rome Is Best To Stay In?

In my opinion, staying in the historical center of Rome is your best bet. You will be conveniently located to all the major sites and you will have easy access to public transportation and taxis. The Colosseum is located in a great part of Rome to stay in as a tourist because you will be very close to all the important sites, and a short walk from some of the others.

Great Hotels Near The Roman Colosseum You Should Consider

If you are planning a trip to Rome and you want a convenient hotel with great amenities you should check out these popular hotels near the Roman Colosseum. There are quite a few options for places to stay in Rome, but I wanted this article to focus on hotels near the Roman Colosseum because it is my favorite neighborhood and perfect for a first time visitor to the Eternal City.

Amazing Rome Hotels Near Termini Station For Consideration

These amazing Rome hotels near Termini station are only a short walk and they are a great option if you are looking for luxury or convenience near the main train station. So, you arrive in Rome’s Fiumicino Airport and take the Leonardo Express to Termini Station and you are looking for a place to stay. I would recommend (from experience) to have nailed down your lodging before arriving in town, but now you are here and you want to find a hotel close to the Station. We’ve been in the same situation, albeit 20 years ago, but I think this will help.

The Best Hotels Near The Vatican In Rome, Italy To Consider

These are the best hotels near the Vatican in Rome, Italy that a traveler to Vatican City might want to consider if this is the main focus of your vacation. There are quite a few options for places to stay in Rome, but this article focuses on hotels near the Vatican in Rome because it is a popular neighborhood and perfect for a first time visitor to Vatican City.

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Great 5-Star Hotels Near Pantheon Rome To Check Out

Here are some great 5-star hotels near the Pantheon in the historic center of Rome that you need to check out if you are planning a visit to the Eternal City. There are quite a few hotels near the Pantheon in Rome because it is a central location and popular spot, perfect for a first time visitor to Rome.

Hotels Near Piazza Navona Rome The Are A Great Option

These Hotels near Piazza Navona Rome are at the center of the city and are some great options in the most central part of Rome for first-time or returning travelers. There is so much to experience around Piazza Navona in Rome, which is why it is one of the most convenient places to stay in the city. You are close to everything you might want to visit after you’ve experienced the piazza itself, which is beautiful any time of the year.

Is The Hotel Star Rating System Useful?

My experience has been that in the US the hotel star rating system is pretty useless. It is inconsistent, unenforced and at times disturbingly inaccurate. My experiences in Italy, and around Europe, have been quite different. Centralized organizations, or government officials as is the case in Italy, maintain the rating system, which have shown to be accurate and consistent. The biggest criticism of the system is that it can get out of date, but I’ll take that over a meaningless rating.

The ratings will give you an idea of the services available at the hotel and set expectations long before you arrive. The ratings differences depend on things like: 

  • How long is reception available?
  • How often do they change your sheets?
  • Is there Wi-Fi?
  • Is there a Gym?
  • Is there a Spa? 

This isn’t a complete list, but it should give you the general idea of how the hotels are rated and allow your budget and requirements to make your decision on where to stay. The star classifications are: Tourist (★), Standard (★★), Comfort (★★★), First Class (★★★★), Luxury (★★★★★).

Where To Avoid Staying In Rome?

Rome, in general, is as safe as any major European city. While petty crime is more common, like pickpocketing and purse snatching, violent crime is very rare. There are some areas that you might want to avoid at night, like around Termini station and outside the historical center of the city, but the areas around the Colosseum, the Pantheon or the Spanish Steps are safe and residential, so even going out at night isn’t too risky.

What Is The Most Popular Part Of Rome?

As a tourist, you will want to stay near the major sites, like the Colosseum, the Pantheon or the Spanish Steps, and these areas are very popular. If you are looking for the popular districts to stay in, which have nightlife, shopping, restaurants or other amenities, Trastevere, Monti and Prati are quite popular and beautiful places to stay while in Rome.

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