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Amazing Rome Hotels Near Termini Station For Consideration

These amazing Rome hotels near Termini station are only a short walk and they are a great option if you are looking for luxury or convenience near the main train station.

Rome Hotels Near Termini Station - Piazza della Repubblica

Nearby Piazza della Repubblica

So you arrive in Rome’s Fiumicino Airport and take the Leonardo Express to Termini Station and you are looking for a place to stay. I would recommend (from experience) to have nailed down your lodging before arriving in town, but now you are here and you want to find a hotel close to the Station. We’ve been in the same situation, albeit 20 years ago, but I think I can help.

The recommendations are only Hotels because I wanted to provide options that are somewhat predictable with their star rating. There are apartments, B&Bs and hostels all around Rome, but I still prefer hotels. Call me old fashioned!

Rome Hotels Near Termini Station

These hotels are easy walking distance from Termini Station. Depending on the number of bags that you are hauling around, you might consider a taxi, but I don’t think it is absolutely required, unless you have some mobility issues to consider.

The Residenza Cellini (Hotel Cellini)

This 3-Star hotel is very personal to us because on almost every trip to Rome over the years we stayed here and loved it every time. The people working in this hotel were amazingly nice and helpful and they made every visit a delightful experience. The rooms are large, by European standards, and it is surrounded by bars and restaurants, but it is off of Via Nazionale on a quiet street where you can get a good night’s sleep. You can check out more pictures or make a reservation for the Residenza Cellini here.

Rome Hotels Near Termini Station - Hotel Cellini

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The Hotel Marco Polo

We stayed in the Hotel Marco Polo during our first trip to Italy more than 25 years ago, so it amazes me that it is still around. That really speaks to the quality of service and how well the rooms are kept. The rooms in this 3-Star hotel are simple and clean and despite the neighborhood not being one that I love, it is a budget friendly option that is extremely close to the train station that you should consider. You can check out more pictures or make a reservation for the Hotel Marco Polo here.

Rome Hotels Near Termini Station - Marco Polo

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The Best Western Hotel Royal Santina

Like the Marco Polo Hotel I mentioned above, we stayed in this 4-Star hotel more than 25 years ago, and the great experience is still memorable to us. This was a poorly planned stay because we arrived back in Rome without reservations and we were lucky they had availability. Oh, the ignorance of youth. I would never travel without having reservations again, but I definitely would stay at this Best Western again. For those in the US, I know that the Best Western doesn’t have a great reputation, but I can assure you that in Europe it is an entirely different experience and one that you will thoroughly enjoy. You can check out more pictures or make a reservation for the Best Western Hotel Royal Santina here.

Rome Hotels Near Termini Station - Royal Santina

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The St. Regis Hotel

If you want high-end and fancy, then this historic 5-Star hotel is for you. Located between the Piazza della Repubblica and the Fontana di Moses, this member of the Marriott chain is located in one of Rome’s most impressive palazzos. In addition to the beautiful rooms, a spa, a gym and a cocktail bar, they offer an evening ritual of “Sabering” and afternoon tea. While a vacation here isn’t cheap, if your budget isn’t as tight as mine, I’m sure you will find your stay here an amazing experience to add to your time in Rome. You can check out more pictures or make a reservation for the St. Regis Hotel here.

Rome Hotels Near Termini Station - St. Regis

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rome Hotels Near Termini Station

Is It Good To Stay Near Rome Termini Station?

I believe the area around Termini Station is the most convenient place to stay for the typical traveler, unless there is a specific site or area in which you are planning on spending a majority of your time, like Vatican City or Trastevere, for example. For most visitors to Rome, the goal is to see as many of the amazing sites as possible, so being close to the train station is a great choice. On a personal note, when we used to visit Rome, before moving here, we typically stayed near Termini Station.

Is Roma Termini And Rome Termini The Same?

Yes, Roma Termini is simply the Italian spelling of the same Rome Termini train station.

What Neighborhood Is Termini Station In?

The train station is really its own neighborhood because everything surrounding it centers on being the travel hub of Rome. To orient yourself, Termini borders Esquilino and Monti to the south, Castro Pretorio and Sapienza University to the north, Trevi to the west and San Lorenzo to the East.

What Is Close To Rome Termini?

The “attraction” of staying close to Termini isn’t the nearby sites, rather the convenience to all modes of transportation. For me, my favorite sites to see near Termini are the Thermal Baths of Diocletian and the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major, but beyond those you will probably need to take a walk or hop on a bus.

Where To Avoid Staying In Rome?

These hotel recommendations around Rome are important because the train station is surrounded by areas in which you might not be comfortable at night. The train station itself is a good thing to avoid at night, and the Esquilino area south of the station isn’t a place that I would recommend. North of Termini is good to consider and two of my recommendations are in that area.

What Is The Safest Area In Rome For Tourists To Stay?

In my opinion, staying in the historical center of Rome is your best bet. You will be conveniently located near all the major sites and you will have easy access to public transportation and taxis. Termini Station is located in the most central part of Rome, which is great to stay in as a tourist because you will be very close to every mode of transportation that you could need. While there are only a few sites close to the station, the buses, subways, trains and taxis available will get you anywhere you might want to be in Rome.

Rome Hotels Near Termini Station - St. Regis Side

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