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Planning A Trip To Rome On A Budget Can Be Done Easily

Planning a trip to Rome on a budget can easily be done with our guide because of Italy’s lower cost of living compared to the UK, France and Northern Europe.

Planning A Trip To Rome On A Budget - Free Parks

Free Parks And Gardens

I wrote a previous article about planning a trip to Rome that you definitely should check out because it covers much more useful information that will be important for planning a trip to Rome. This article is more focused on budget travel and it isn’t a replacement for the more general guidance in the other article. Read through both and I think you will be in a good spot for your travel planning.

How Much Should I Budget For A Trip To Rome?

This definitely depends on when you will be traveling, what level of service you expect at your hotel and restaurants. Let’s assume you are looking for comfortable accommodations, like a 3-Star hotel, which in Rome is usually nice, but simple. Also, assume no taxis, just walking, bus or subway and you are traveling off-season. For a VERY rough guide, here are some costs for low season budget travel:

  • JFK –> FCO Flights on ITA ($882)

  • 3-Star Hotel Per Night ($205)

  • Restaurants can cost from $20/Person on up, but some take-away spots can be even cheaper.

  • Public Transportation is: €1.50/ride

  • The sites generally range from free to €20 per person, but there are free sites like Trevi Fountain and most museums are free on the first Sunday of every month.

Planning A Trip To Rome On A Budget - Free Parks With Amazing Views

Free Parks With Amazing Views

What Is The Cheapest Way To Visit Rome?

The biggest factor, especially if you have a large family, is the cost of airfare. Because of this, traveling off-season, like in January or February, is a great time to save money. I love Rome in the winter because the crowds are smaller, but it isn’t too cold to walk around and it also isn’t the rainy season. All the restaurants and sites are open, and with a little planning you can save a ton of money.

How Many Days In Rome Is Enough?

You can certainly get a good feeling for the city in as little as three days, and if you plan to continue your vacation to other cities in Italy, three full days is a good amount of time. If you are only coming to Rome, I would suggest at least a week so that you can enjoy everything the Eternal City has to offer at a more relaxed pace.

Pre-Trip Planning For Rome On A Budget

You should compare the costs of driving yourself and parking at the airport versus planning a taxi, car service, shuttle bus or limo. Depending on the length of your trip, it should be obvious which is cheaper and which is most convenient for you. Of course, asking someone to drive you to the airport is cheapest, but that depends on your situation.

Planning A Trip To Rome On A Budget - Save With The Roma Pass

Save With The Roma Pass

You should plan to convert some USD to EUR to ease your arrival. The amount is up to you, but you want to make sure that you bring enough money that you can avoid using a Currency Exchange company. Their prices are outrageous and can easily be avoided. Using an ATM isn’t too expensive, and the currency is already in Euros.

Where To Stay In Rome

Two things you will need to determine is the level of service that you want from your hotel and which part of the city you will want to stay in. I would recommend staying in the historical center of Rome but further out from the center will be cheaper. Unfortunately you will spend your time traveling from the hotel to your sites or meals every day, but if cost is more important than time, it is an option. Here are some recommendations for hotels of various levels and in different areas around Rome:

Planning A Trip To Rome On A Budget - Free Sites

Free Sites

The Best Way To Get Around Rome

Rome is definitely a walkable city, but you might also want to save some time with public transportation or a scooter if you live dangerously. The public transportation costs only €1.50 per person per ride, but there are multi-day tickets that can lower the costs even further. Here are some articles that I think will help your planning:

Things To Do In Rome

There are plenty of things to do in Rome that are inexpensive, but you want to make sure you are seeing a couple of the highlights of Rome. Also, remember that major museums are free to the public on the first Sunday of every month. Here are some budget saving ideas:

What To Eat In Rome

Rome has an amazing selection of inexpensive foods, and even the best known pasta dishes can be found for around €10, so food shouldn’t be a place to try too hard to save money. Avoid the fancy restaurants, and stop in for some pizza, pasta or a panino. Here are some suggestions that should only be considered a starting point:

Planning A Trip To Rome On A Budget - Beautiful Fountains

Beautiful Fountains

Now Start Planning Your Budget Trip To Rome

This guide for planning a trip to Rome on a budget is just a starting point, you should be sure to check out some YouTube videos, travel books and other travel bloggers to get a complete picture of the options available to you when visiting Rome on a budget.

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