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Good Shopping In Rome – Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Good shopping in Rome is out there and this guide will answer any questions you might have about how, where and when and help you plan your vacation in Rome.

good shopping in rome - Rome Malls

Malls Of Rome

Where Is Good Shopping In Rome?

If you are looking for the center of fashion in Rome because you want to stretch your shopaholic wings, head to the best shopping street in Rome, Via del Corso. This major shopping district stretches from Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo with the side streets stretching to the Spanish Steps in Piazza di Spagna, Rome. There you will find a concentration of stores that will fill your every desire. In this fashion triangle, you will find vintage shops, main street stores and the most well known brands. Rome has the best of everything for everybody.

In addition, there are many shopping opportunities scattered around Rome and if you poke around the web you will find lists that include small collections of stores, like Galleria Alberto Sordi. It’s a beautiful place, but I prefer a Rome shopping mall, and these are 3 great malls in Rome that are worth checking out.

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More Amazing Malls

What Are The Typical Opening Hours Of Shops In Rome?

This will, of course, vary from store to store and you should confirm online, but typically I’ve noticed that the stores open around 10:00 AM and will close around 10:00 PM, with one caveat. If this is a smaller store, as opposed to being in a Mall, it may close for a few hours mid-day. These traditional working hours close for lunch around 1:00 PM and will re-open at 4:00 PM, we rested and probably caffeinated.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Go Shopping In Rome?

Any time is the right time to go shopping in Rome, but there are two times of the year that you should be aware of. At two times of the year, it is what is called Saldi season. Saldi season happens once in the Spring and once in the Winter. It is the huge sales season when every Italian is out shopping for the best deals of the year, once in summer and once in winter, when everything goes on sale.

Winter sales start in Rome just after the New Year, on January 6th and run until mid-February. The summer sales start on July 1st and run until mid-August.

Are There Any Street Markets In Rome? If So, What Are The Best Ones?

There are street markets all over the city, but one of the most popular ones in Rome runs every Sunday at the 17th-century city gate of Porta Portese in Trastevere, right over the bridge from the center of Rome. Here you can find antiques, clothes, household goods and books of all ages.

good shopping in Rome - Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores

What Are The Typical Prices For Clothing And Other Items In Rome?

There is no single answer to this question because it truly depends on where you are shopping. If you are on the fashionable Via del Corso, you will be paying a premium for just about everything you buy. If you head out to the Castel Romano Designer Outlet, you will find premium brands, but at outlet prices. If you head out to one of the great malls of Rome, you can do your everyday shopping at reasonable prices. Finally, hitting the street markets will provide you with an opportunity to buy clothing at a very reasonable price, but don’t expect to find any Gucci or Versace.

What Are The Customs And Etiquette When Shopping In Rome?

Shopping in Rome is a fun and exciting experience, but it’s important to be aware of local customs and etiquette to ensure a positive shopping experience. The most important thing is saying hello (“buongiorno”) when you enter the store and saying goodbye or thanks when you leave (“buona serata” or “grazie”). 

Another thing to consider is that English might be spoken in the store, but don’t expect it. Learn a few basic phrases such as “scusi” (excuse me) or “quanto costa?” (how much does it cost?) to help with communication. 

How Do I Haggle For Prices In Rome?

Haggling is not very common in Rome’s high-end stores or designer boutiques, but it may be acceptable in smaller shops or outdoor markets. If you decide that bargaining is important to you, be polite and respectful and don’t try to bargain too aggressively. Also, do it in Italian if possible.

Are There Any Designer Outlet Stores Near Rome?

There is the Castel Romano Designer Outlet outside of Rome that you should know about. I strongly recommend visiting this designer outlet if you are looking to do some shopping for premium brands and don’t want to pay the high prices you will find on via Del Corso.

good shopping in Rome - Outlet Mall

Outlet Mall

In addition to the comfortable layout of the mall, you can eat some delicious meals, drink some wine and of course grab an espresso if you are feeling a little tired.

The animal play area was a surprise if you are traveling with a dog and they even had a vending machine that sells treats and toys for our four footed friends.

There are a lot of outdoor sitting and dining options that are great year round (I just ate outside in February) and the kid’s play area will keep them entertained.

What Is The Tax Refund Policy For Shopping In Rome?

If you are considering trying to get a VAT refund on your purchases at the outlet mall, please consider reviewing the post I wrote about the VAT refund process. There are a lot of requirements and limitations to claiming a VAT refund, but one important thing to understand is that refunds can’t be claimed for anything consumed in Italy, like hotels and restaurants, but may be available for big ticket purchases you are bringing back from your vacation. Non-EU citizens that spend a minimum of €154,95 in a single day, in a single store can claim a refund.

What Are The Best Souvenirs To Buy In Rome?

There are a large number of souvenir stores in Rome that are stacked with typical tourist gifts to bring home for yourself or others. These include pastas in all colors and shapes, a calendar of attractive looking priests and limoncello in bottles that you would be embarrassed to display. You will also find small “marble” tiles with Italian or Latin phrases printed on them, but they are as authentically Italian as the Chinese factory in which they were probably made.

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Amazing Gifts

My favorite souvenir is the hand-carved marble stones that you can find at a studio on Via Margutta at La Bottega del Marmoraro at #53b. This small workshop founded in 1967 by Enrico Fiorentini and run now by his son Sandro is piled as high as you can see with the objects for which this place is famous around the world, small slabs of white marble overflowing with letters, words and phrases, some funny, others forbidden for children and almost all of them full of wisdom. Some are small and others are quite a bit larger. Most of the existing signs are in Latin, Italian or Roman, but I did see one with a mix of English and Italian. You can also request a custom carving, like I did.

More Information About Shopping In Rome

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