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The Best Shopping Mall Near The Fiumicino Airport In Rome

The best shopping mall near the Fiumicino airport in Rome is convenient and full of great shops and restaurants waiting for a visit during your next layover.

Shopping Mall Near Fiumicino Airport - Wow Side

If you love shopping like I do, you are always looking to see how close you are to the nearest mall to spend some quality time wandering around and being a MallRat. Rome has some great opportunities for shopping because of the malls, flea markets and outlet stores that surround the city.

If you find yourself at the airport in Rome waiting for a connection or your flight out of town, don’t limit yourself to the shops that are right there in Fiumicino. There is a shopping mall very close to the airport that is easy to get to and has a lot to offer. I know what you are thinking: “Wow!

How Far Is Fiumicino From The Rome City Center?

If you are in a cab, the journey from the airport to the Rome city center is about 35 miles, depending on your destination. This is a pretty long ride if you are looking to do a bit of shopping while you are waiting for your next flight. Also, the fixed price for a taxi is €50, so maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to spend that much if you are only looking for some typical Italian shopping.

Shopping Mall Near Fiumicino Airport - Random Art

If you are planning on taking the train, then I have good news: the price for that is only €8, but it will take more than an hour to reach the city center. However, for that same price, you can take the regional train (not the Leonardo Express) one stop and walk to a great shopping mall and not risk missing your flight!

Can You Stay Overnight At Fiumicino Airport?

Yes you can, because the airport is open 24 hours, but most of the shops will be closed. You would be better off staying at a nearby Hilton because you will be way more comfortable and can get to all the services you might need, including a shopping mall if necessary.

What Shops Are At FCO Airport?

The Fiumicino Airport that serves Rome is a good size airport where you can find most of your travel needs. It has gifts, souvenirs, jewelry, food and books. This airport has everything you might need for travel, but if you want a better selection of clothes, food and entertainment then you would be better off heading over to the Wow Side shopping mall near the Fiumicino Airport.

How Many Shops Are There In The Wow Side Shopping Mall Near Fiumicino Airport?

The Wow Side shopping center is a newly created mall that has more than 200 stores in it, but you can see from my images that while there are quite a few stores, there is also room to add more, which means the number of stores will constantly be in flux.

There is also an IKEA, a movie theater, a food court as well as a full supermarket, which is more common in Italy than in the US. It is very handy having a grocery store so close to the airport if you need to grab a hard-to-find item that isn’t available in the Airport shops.

Shopping Mall Near Fiumicino Airport - Open Spaces
Open Space For New Stored

Is This The Parco Leonardo Shopping Mall?

Yes, the transformation from the Leonardo Shopping Center to the Wow Side Shopping Center was completed in 2023, but there is still more to come. On my recent visit, I did notice quite a few stores not yet inhabited, but I expect the mall is working to completely fill the space.

Usually, when I go to a mall that has a lot of empty space, I interpret that as the mall is circling the durian, but that is not the case here. This mall is growing and I expect that these spaces will be filled in short order.

Shopping Mall Near Fiumicino Airport - Parco Leonardo Sign
The Mall’s Old Name

What Is Parco Leonardo Called Now?

Following the rebranding and renovations that were completed in 2023, the Parco Leonardo Shopping Center is now known as the Wow Side Shopping Center. If you are interested in in taking a trip to this mall, it is open everyday from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM and can be found at:

What Is The Nearest Town To Fiumicino Airport?

Well, the nearest town would be its namesake, Fiumicino. It is also surrounded by quite a few small towns along the coast, like: Ostia and Focene, but you probably wouldn’t be looking for towns this small.

The Fiumicino airport is 35 miles from the city center of Rome, it is around 37 miles from Civitavecchia, which is a major cruise ship port, and for the WWII history buff out there, it is also around an hour drive south to Anzio, which I highly recommend.

How Can I Get To The Wow Side Shopping Center?

Because it is so close, if you are coming from the airport you can easily take a taxi, or a regional train on TrenItalia. If you are coming to the airport from the city center of Rome, I would recommend taking the regional train for only €2.10. It would be a bargain at twice the price.

Shopping Mall Near Fiumicino Airport - Checking Flight Status
Check Your Flight Status From The Mall

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