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3-Day Rome Itinerary Plans For Your Third Visit To Italy

This 3-Day Rome itinerary is important if you are planning your 3rd trip to Italy and you don’t want to miss any beautiful sites and delicious restaurants.

3 day rome itinerary - Coppede

The Beautiful Architecture of Coppedè

You should only be reading this post if you have already visited Rome a couple of times and hopefully you have enjoyed my previous posts where I suggested a Rome travel itinerary for your first and a second time in Rome. If you are planning your third trip to Rome, then this recommendation is for you.

There are still a lot of beautiful historical sites, neighborhoods, shops and restaurants around Rome that you can still investigate, even on your third trip here. Of course you could work with a tour company, especially for individual sites, but if you are like us and you like to plan your own adventure, you might consider using this as a framework that you can update as needed. You might also consider the best way to learn Italian online, if you haven’t already.

3 Day Rome Itinerary

This itinerary assumes that this is your third trip to Rome, that you will only be in Rome for three days, you aren’t on a pilgrimage so your focus isn’t mostly on religious sites and lastly it assumes that you don’t have any mobility concerns and you are able to walk around for the entire day. I know the summer months can be difficult for that, so if it is too hot, you should add in more water breaks.

My other assumption is that since I would have no way to know your starting point, i.e. which hotel, Airbnb, hostel, cruise ship, etc. you are staying in, I am assuming a starting point that is fairly central, like Piazza Venezia.

Pre-Day 1 Preperation

3 day rome itinerary - foosball

A Quick Game of Foosball in Piazza Vittorio

3 Day Rome Itinerary – Day 1

  • As is almost required in Italy, you should start your days with a cornetto and an espresso. If you are ready for something else, you can try a maritozzo, or a crostata that you can find in almost any bar.
  • Today, you will be strolling around an interesting neighborhood called: Quartiere Coppedè. Read my description of the area and enjoy a relaxing walk around this beautiful part of town.
  • After your tranquil morning stroll (passeggiata), look for some lunch in this area called Trieste. You can walk down Corso Trieste and stop in any restaurant along the way.
  • After lunch, make your way by walking or taking a bus to Termini Station and enjoy Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. In particular, spend some time in the garden and be sure to find the Alchemy Door hidden in the corner.
  • Now enjoy a Roman experience like a local and stop by the New Esquilino Market, one of the farmers markets in Rome, for some fresh fruit, but be sure to get enough for breakfast tomorrow morning.
  • This neighborhood is where you can find the largest collection of Asian restaurants, so walk around and jump into any one that strikes your fancy.
  • Before you leave the neighborhood, be sure to pop into Gelateria Fassi for a delicious dessert.
  • That was a pretty full day, so you might consider heading back to your hotel and resting up for another great day tomorrow!

3 Day Rome Itinerary – Day 2

  • Before heading out to get another fantastic crostata with your cappuccino this morning, don’t forget to have some of the fresh fruit you bought the previous day at the market.
  • This morning will be a bit of a treasure hunt. You have seen all the well-known sites around Rome, so now you should consider looking for some important but lesser known fountains in the city. Here are the ancient Roman fountains that you may have overlooked, and if you aren’t too tired, hot or hungry, continue on to the second half of the list.
3 day rome itinerary - Turtle Fountain

Beautiful Turtle Fountain

  • Lunch can be any place you notice while you are on your treasure hunt. If you want a recommendation, while you are in Prati you can try Ristorante da Dante, or any Pizza al Taglio place for something on the go.
  • In the afternoon, after your full lunch, head down to the neighborhood of Garbatella to enjoy the amazing Italian Rationalism architecture that echoes from a time long ago.
  • If you want some more walking, you can head on over to Via Ostiense and head towards the Pyramid. On the way, get some gelato at Gelateria La Romana.
  • You are probably near the Testaccio neighborhood, so hopefully you made the dinner reservations at Felice a Testaccio and can enjoy one of the best meals you will have.
  • That was another full day of walking around, so now might be a good time to head home and get some rest.
3 day rome itinerary - The Jewish Ghetto

Be Sure To Watch Your Steps In The Ghetto

3 Day Rome Itinerary – Day 3

  • You should only have some coffee this morning, and any fruit left over from the previous day, because there is something else planned for breakfast.
  • Go to Rome’s Jewish Quarter, stop in Pasticceria Boccione to enjoy some breads and sweets for breakfast, then take a tour of the Ghetto and the main synagogue of Rome.
  • Stay in the Ghetto for lunch at Su Ghetto.
  • Now, after three trips to Rome, you might be starting to feel like a local. Head on over to a Rome shopping mall to do some shopping and maybe also get some Swedish meatballs as a snack.
  • It’s a long bus ride back, so when you return to the historical center of Rome, let’s have your final meal at one of the restaurants you loved during one of your many visits. If you still want to try something new, I would recommend heading over to Emma Pizzeria and asking for the Spaghetti alla Carbonara!

That was another full 3 day Rome Itinerary, but if you missed anything you should plan on adding that to your itinerary for your next trip to Rome, Italy . Now is the time to relax and reflect on all the great sites you saw, all the delicious food you ate and how great Rome is.

Some Of The Sites mentioned:

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