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Does Rome Have A Subway That Is Helpful For Tourists?

If you are wondering: “Does Rome Have A Subway?”, the answer is yes, Rome’s public transportation does have a subway system that is very helpful for tourists.

does rome have a subway - Outside Termini

Subway Station Outside Termini

In other words, you wouldn’t typically make a decision on taking the subway or the bus, but rather which combination will get me to my destination the fastest. Also, one ticket will get you around on all the ATAC buses, trams, trains and the Metro very cheaply.

There are a number of ways to easily buy tickets (biglietti), but if you have just arrived at Termini station, know that they can be purchased at a large number of spots in most tourist areas. For example, you buy them in Termini Station or in the tourist kiosks around the city.

Rome Subway Maps

There are maps of the Metro system in every metro stop. They are posted on the walls of the station and show all the stops on the line, with an indication of where you are and the direction of the train. 

There are very detailed maps, some almost too detailed, available on the ATAC  website but just remember that there are really only two important lines, the A and the B lines. There is a C line, but it isn’t very useful for tourists, so if you feel a little overwhelmed, you can ignore the C line.

Rome Subway Lines

The Rome Subway (Metropolitano) subway system has three lines named A, B and C, but as I mentioned above, you can probably ignore C unless you are going somewhere off the beaten path. Lines A and B intersect at Rome Termini Station, which is the main public transportation hub in Rome. Sometimes on the front signs of the municipal buses they indicate that they have a stop at one of the subway stations, and this will be shown as MA or MB which means Metro A or Metro B.

Another thing to remember is that the B line has multiple endpoints. For example, on Metro B, if you are traveling north towards the end of the line, you need to know if you want the B line to the Rebibbia stop, or the B1 line to the Jonio stop. The end point is indicated on the front of the train, so you will want to pay attention to that.

does Rome have a subway - Woman Waiting

Wait Patiently For Train

Rome Subway Stations Close To Sites

For a quick guide to Metro stations that are close to major sights in Rome please review this list. Obviously I can’t list every site, but for the most popular ones, take a look:

  • Vatican Museums, St Peter’s Basilica – Ottaviano (Metro A)
  • The Spanish Steps – Spagna (Metro A) – 
  • The Colosseum and The Roman Forum – Colosseo (Metro B)
  • Trevi Fountain – Barberini (Metro A)

When you are looking for a station, know that sometimes they might not be that obvious and could be difficult to locate at street level. There should be just a couple of Metro signs by an entrance at the smaller stations. The smaller stations sometimes have separate entrances for each direction and you are not able to cross to the opposite side of the line once inside the station.

How To Buy A Rome Subway Ticket

There are a few different types of tickets (biglietti) to choose from, which rang from 100 minute tickets to weekly passes, but there are also electronic tickets that you can purchase through a smartphone app where you can buy tickets that are also monthly and annual. I’ll describe these in more detail further down the page. You will need to give some consideration for how many times and how many days you plan to ride the subway. There are plenty of options if you do a little planning first.

You have several options for buying tickets at the ticket machines near the turnstiles and tracks. I mentioned previously about the integration of the subway system with the buses and trams. It is important to know that the same ticket is valid for all public transport, managed by ATAC. This Does Not include the tourist buses or the regional trains. These tickets are not valid all the way to the Fiumicino airport either, but they will get you to Termini where you can make any number of connections to get to the airport.

Rome Subway Ticket Options:

  • BIT Subway Ticket: This ticket costs 1.50 € and allows you to use public transportation for 100 minutes after it is validated.
  • Rome Subway Card: This ticket gives you unlimited access to public transportation for 1 day at 27€ or 3 days at 39€.
  • Roma 24H Ticket: This 7 € ticket allows you to travel for 24 hours after validation.
  • Roma 48H Ticket: With this ticket you can travel 2 days for 12.50 € after validation.
  • Roma 72H Ticket: With this ticket you can travel 3 days for 18.00 € after validation.
  • Integrated Weekly Card (CIS): With this ticket of 24 € you can travel 7 days. You don’t need to validate the ticket because it is done when entering the station or it would have already been done if you were on the bus first and transferred to the Metro.

Alternatives To Buying A Subway Pass

does Rome have a subway - Platform

Mind The Gap!

I mentioned this in my post about the city buses in Rome, but it bears repeating. The name of the game with subway tickets in Rome is: Options! You can buy a ticket (biglietto) for an individual ride or you can also buy tickets via a smartphone app, like MyCicero. I have some experience with MyCicero and it would be my recommendation.

Another option which we had used many years ago is the RomaPASS, of which I wrote: “Is The Roma Pass Worth It?“. This is a great option for tourists who are in Rome for only two or three days. In addition to unlimited use of Rome’s entire public transportation network, you get access to museums, discounts to attractions and services as well as free access to toilet services of the P.Stop network.

Transportation in Rome

In addition to the Rome subway system, the other options of the public transport system should also be considered because they work together to help you navigate around Rome easily and quickly. You should be aware of:

So, Does Rome Have A Subway?

Rome does have an underground subway system as well as a robust public transportation system, but it is also a stunning city in which to walk around with treasures found around every corner so don’t discount walking around certain areas as the best option.

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