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Colle Oppio Park Is Great For Budget Family Travel in Rome

You should consider a relaxing visit to Colle Oppio Park in Rome if you are looking for some budget family options in a tranquil park with breathtaking views.

Colle Oppio Park - Basketball

Basketball In The Shadows Of The Colosseum

Does Rome Have Parks?

Rome, Italy is a city of parks, and one of the most beautiful is the Colle Oppio Park. The park is located on Oppian Hill, across from the Colosseum, and it is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. These parks are great for the budget family traveler because they are beautiful, tranquil and most importantly they are free to enjoy.

What Is The Park Across From The Colosseum?

In 1871, as part of the urban planning made necessary by the new needs of Rome, the area was developed into public gardens. This development took on added urgency in the context of the urban planning programs of Mussolini’s Rome. These improvements were characterized by the celebration of the imperial past and by the strong interest in public green areas. Even today, you can find artwork and design elements that include fascist iconography all around the park.

Colle Oppio Park - Entrance

Park Entrance

What Are The Ruins Outside The Colosseum?

Oppian Hill, one of the ancient Septimontium of Rome and where the park is located, was once a residential area for the aristocracy of ancient Rome. In the 1st century AD, Emperor Nero built his Golden House (Domus Aurea) on the hill, but it was later destroyed and buried and because Nero was so unpopular with the Romans, other sites, like the Colosseum and the Baths of Trajan were built over the sprawling location of Domus Aurea.

Free Things To Do In Colle Oppio Park

This Roman park has a surprisingly large number of things you can do if you want to burn off the calories you enjoyed at lunch or if this isn’t your first trip to Rome and you are looking for something relaxing to do. These are all free, so the budget conscious traveler should consider these activities when they are planning their next vacation in Rome.

Skatepark With A Colosseum View

The skatepark in Colle Oppio park is consistently praised as the skatepark with the best view in the world. This amazing park was built in 2022 and replaced a crumbling skatepark that was repeatedly vandalized in the same area. As part of the project that included building this skatepark, the city has improved maintenance and security of the park to the point where I continually see public safety officers in the mornings scattered around all corners of the park.

Colle Oppio Park - Skate Park

Skate Park

Part of the project to build the skatepark included money for a mini soccer (calcetto) field, a volleyball (pallavolo) court and some fitness machines. The fitness machines include low-tech items like pull-up bars as well as what appear to be two aerobic machines, one for the upper body and the other for your legs. They were just recently installed in March 2023, which completes the buildout of this area of the park.

Playing Basketball In The Shadows Of The Colosseum

One of the more active spots in this Rome park is the basketball court that has one of the most amazing views in the world. It is a popular spot for pick-up games among tourists and locals alike, so just bring some sneakers and join in. If you are looking for some alone time on the court, good luck and get there early.

Budget Family Entertainment For Kids

You may need to hunt for this, but there is a new and well maintained play area for children, which includes swings and climbing structures with a padded floor spread around the fenced in space. It is in the shadows of the ruins of the Baths of Trajan, but with close access to the larger streets and parking that surrounds the park.

Colle Oppio Park - Play Place

Play Place

Enjoying Hollywood In Rome

One of the other surprising things about Colle Oppio park is how frequently it is used as the set for Italian and American film and TV productions. I’ve seen large budget films and smaller TV shows being shot in the area so frequently, I’m always on the look out for somebody famous to be walking around the park.

Other Activities In Colle Oppio Park That Aren’t Free

Everyone’s budget is different, so if you are looking for some other activities that have a fee attached, check out these other activities.

The Golden House (Domus Aurea) Of The Roman Emperor Nero

The Golden House (Domus Aurea), was the urban villa built by the Roman emperor Nero and contrary to the name, it was not a single large house, but rather a collection of buildings and green spaces.

colle oppio park - Nero's Golden House

Nero’s Golden House

The Domus Aurea was hated by the people of Rome because it had been built by stealing from the wealthiest citizens of the Roman Empire, and by robbing the temples of Rome, Asia and Greece.

You can make a visit to the restoration site of the Domus Aurea and enjoy it with Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles.

Organized Exercise In Colle Oppio Park

Whether you are looking for a single or group run, if you like jazzier exercises or if yoga is your speed, Colle Oppio park is a popular spot for exercise. A quick search will result in a list of trainers who run their classes in the beautiful Rome park.

The Elderly Center Colle Oppio Park

I’m still learning about this beautiful building in the center of the Rome park which is known in Italian as: Centro Anziani Colle Oppio. This is one of many structures in Rome that welcome elderly citizens for social, cultural and recreational activities. Among these activities, people can play cards, have luncheons and there is a cool Bocce court in the backyard that looks inviting.

Colle Oppio Park - Elderly Care Center

Elderly Care Center

More Information About The Rome Parks And History

If you enjoyed this information about the beautiful Colle Oppio Park in Rome, there is so much more information available for your vacation travel planning. Check out these amazing Rome sites:

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