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Rome, Italy On A Budget Is Possible With These Tips

These money saving tips for a vacation in Rome, Italy on a budget can make a family affordable vacation an unforgettable experience without breaking the bank.

rome italy on a budget - Enjoy Free Parks

Enjoy Free Parks

There are easy ways to save money on your next visit to Rome and great reasons to do it. First, you can make the trip more affordable which will allow you to return to Italy sooner, and I am sure you will want to. Second, some of these suggestions will be more like how the locals do it instead of how the tourists enjoy Rome. This authenticity will make your experience that much better and you will return home feeling like your soul has been replenished.

Is Rome, Italy On A Budget Possible?

From my experience, Rome is one of the more affordable cities in Europe and because of this I would call Rome in particular, and Italy in general, perfect for budget family travel. There are opportunities to design your visit to the Eternal City to be fancy and expensive, or to be affordable, enjoyable and leave you with a strong desire to return next summer.

Should I Have Cash In Rome?

This isn’t a money saving tip, but for comfortable family affordable travel, you should expect to carry cash with you around Rome. If you want an inexpensive way to enjoy an espresso at a bar in Rome, you would want to stand at the counter.

rome italy on a budget - Carry Cash

Carry Cash

If you try to pay this small amount (maybe €1.20) with a credit card, you will be looked at curiously. Low cost expenses like espresso, or a pastry, are typically paid for with cash (preferably coins). Carry a mix of coins and bills of maybe €20 to €40 and you should be fine getting through the day.

How Much Money Will I Need Per Day In Rome?

If you plan to keep your expenses low, but without denying yourself anything, I would probably set your daily expenses around €137.00, not including your hotel. This breaks down to a breakfast of no more than €5.00, lunch with wine at €30, and aperitivo for €10.00 and a nice dinner for about €45. In addition, you will want some snacks during the day for an additional €20.00 and a 24 hour pass for the bus and metro will cost €7.00. After this, it depends which sites you want to see and if they cost. If you assume mostly free sites, but one paid site per day, add an additional €20.00. You can reduce this €137.00 daily cost by reviewing the money savings tips below and adjusting your plans accordingly.

What Is The Affordable Way To Travel Around Rome?

Rome can be an affordable family vacation destination if you plan accordingly. Check out these ways to save money during your summer vacation and you will be happy that you made this amazing family travel easy and unforgettable.

Avoid Calling For A Taxi In Rome

If you are looking for the best way to save money, use public transportation. Rome has an extensive public transportation network consisting of buses and metro lines that will bring you to every tourist spot that you might be interested in. You can purchase a 24-hour ticket for as little as €7, which allows unlimited travel on all modes of transport within the city limits.

rome italy on a budget - Ride The Metro

Take The Metro

The other option for avoiding the cost of a taxi is to walk everywhere. Rome is a very walkable city and many of the top tourist attractions are within a short distance from each other. Walking is a great way to save money while seeing the city, as well as working off all that amazing food you will want to enjoy.

Money Saving Tips For Eating In Rome

First thing you will need to do is either bring or buy a reusable water bottle. With this bottle, you can avoid buying bottled water as you walk around the city. Staying hydrated is important, especially during the warmer months, so having a bottle of water on you is critical. Luckily, there are public fountains all over the city that offer fresh, cool and delicious water for free.

Instead of a more expensive sit-down meal in a proper restaurant, consider getting food that you can enjoy as you walk from site to site. You can save money by avoiding the touristy areas and instead eat where the locals eat. Look for small restaurants that have few chairs and offer amazing Roman street food, like supplì (deep-fried rice balls) and pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice), that are delicious and affordable.

rome italy on a budget - Local Markets

Save At Local Markets

Another way to save money by avoiding the cost of a restaurant would be to visit local markets around Rome. There are some great local markets where you can find fresh produce, cheese, and other foods at affordable prices. With this food, you can buy an inexpensive bottle of delicious wine and have a picnic. Rome has many beautiful parks and squares that are perfect for a picnic. Enjoy the beautiful Roman weather, do some people watching and travel cheaply.

Visiting Free Sites In Rome For Inexpensive Vacations

Rome has a lot of free attractions that are great for budget travel. Popular sites like Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps are “Must See” sites, but unfortunately the Pantheon has added an entrance fee.

rome italy on a budget - Free Attractions

Free Attractions

Many museums in Rome offer free admission on certain days of the week or of the month, so check their websites for details. There are also amazing parks and gardens in Rome that are free to visit. Lastly, the beautiful churches and basilicas are largely free to enter, but you will want to check to be sure. For example, St. Peter’s Basilica is free, but if you want to climb the Cupola, you will need to pay. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in the religious aspect of Rome, visiting these churches is a great opportunity to see the most amazing art for free. For example, in the Churches of San Luigi dei Francesi and Santa Maria del Popolo, you can see some amazing Caravaggio paintings and in Santa Maria della Vittoria, you will find Bernini’s well known Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

More Details On The Ways To Save Money

If you want to learn more about managing Rome, Italy on a budget, take a look at some of these links when you want to plan your affordable family vacation:

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