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Planning A Trip To Rome Alone That Is Safe And Exciting

Planning a trip to Rome alone can be scary, but with our help you will be able to plan a trip that is safe and exciting with enough memories for a lifetime.

Planning A Trip To Rome Alone - Enjoy The Piazzas

Enjoy The Piazzas

There are any number of reasons that one might want to plan a solo trip to Rome, but might be hesitant to take this leap of faith. I wanted to share some advice with you that should make this vacation a little less stressful and even more enjoyable than you might imagine. If you have never traveled to Italy before, I would suggest that you review a couple of my previous articles about planning a trip to Rome and if the cost is a concern, my article on planning a trip to Rome on a budget might also be useful while you make your plans.

How Much Should I Budget For A Trip To Rome?

The major benefit of traveling to Rome alone is that the costs are only for one person. As someone who usually travels with my family, when I came to Rome alone, I was excited about how inexpensive everything seemed. The costs will depend on the time of year that you will be traveling, what level of service you expect at your hotel and restaurants.

Planning A Trip To Rome Alone - Tour The Ruins

Tour The Ruins

When solo traveling in Rome, your hotel might be a cost with which you don’t want to be too economical (i.e. cheap) because even though the hotels are decent, the neighborhoods might not be, like near Termini. I would recommend staying someplace like a 3-Star hotel or better.  For a VERY rough guide, here are some costs for low season budget travel:

  • JFK –> FCO Flights on ITA ($882)
  • 3-Star Hotel Per Night ($205)
  • Restaurants can cost from €25/Person on up, but some take-away spots can be even cheaper.
  • Public Transportation is: €1.50/ride
  • The sites generally range from free to €20 per person, but there are free sites like Trevi Fountain and most museums are free on the first Sunday of every month.

Is Rome Good For Solo Trip?

I can speak from experience that a solo trip to Rome can still be an amazing experience. The organized tours, amazing sites, general safety and ease of travel make it perfect for any size group. Imagine being part of a tour group at the Colosseum where you will feel like you are part of a group, but when it is over, you can go your separate ways.

There is amazing shopping available all over the city, there are restaurants with amazing food that you can enjoy while walking around by yourself and if you want to join a group when you arrive, there are plenty available. Check out groups on Facebook or Meetup that interest you and meet some very friendly locals or fellow travelers. Check out this article: How To Make Friends In Rome for more information.

Can You Travel To Rome On Your Own?

Yes, traveling to Rome alone is easy and enjoyable, but you will want to be cautious of a couple of things. For example:

  • Don’t Overpack – You will want to easily manage your luggage without expecting to rely on the help of others to lift your bags on a train. Being in control of your luggage will be important.
  • Don’t Over-Imbibe – Enjoying wine, beer and cocktails are an important part of the culture of Rome and shouldn’t be missed. That said, getting drunk isn’t common and again, staying in control will keep you safe.
  • Don’t Accept Free Gifts – Let’s be clear, nobody wants to give you something for free. There are scammers offering you bracelets and other trinkets and once you engage with them it will be difficult to shake them. I have also read about these scammers getting aggressive when asking for money, so be safe and don’t accept any gifts.
Planning A Trip To Rome Alone - Stroll Around The City

Stroll Around The City

How Many Days Do You Really Need In Rome?

You can certainly get a good feeling for the city in as little as three days, and if you plan to continue your vacation to other cities in Italy, three full days is a good amount of time. If you are only coming to Rome, I would suggest at least a week so that you can enjoy everything the Eternal City has to offer at a more relaxed pace.

Is It Safe To Travel To Rome Alone As A Woman?

I am not a female traveler, so I feel a little bit ill-equipped to make a comment on this topic. My first reaction would be to dismiss the safety concerns because overall I believe Rome is a safe city. But with that said, it is clear to me that I wouldn’t experience and probably can’t imagine all the risks that women face while traveling.

Instead, I will reframe the question to be: “What would I be uncomfortable with my wife doing in Rome alone?”. Certainly walking alone late at night doesn’t make me feel tranquil, but beyond that, following the recommendations above and checking out this article on “Is Rome Safe” would calm my jitters about her safety.

Where To Stay In Rome

When traveling alone in Rome, in addition to cost, the hotel location will be a major consideration for you. I would recommend staying in the historical center of Rome, but not near Termini Station. Even though it would be cheaper, the area around Termini is pretty rough and I wouldn’t consider it safe for solo travelers.

Planning A Trip To Rome Alone - Tour Sites

Tour Amazing Sites Alone

Further out from the center will be cheaper, but you will spend your time traveling from the hotel to your sites or meals every day in addition to the higher crime rates in the EUR district. Here are some recommendations for hotels of various levels and in different areas around Rome:

Should I Travel To Rome By Myself?

If the choice is between coming to Rome alone or not seeing this amazing city, you should definitely take the leap and solo travel to Rome. I have some itineraries below for travelers that have already been to Rome, but if you are looking for something different, you can plan your own adventure pretty easily. For example, I mapped out a route that tasted 20 different coffee bars in Rome, or you can discover the Egyptian obelisks all around the city, but the options are yours. Designing your own tour is great for the seasoned traveler, but if it is your first time in Rome, of course you need to see the classics.

Things To Do In Rome

There are plenty of things to do in Rome for a solo traveler and you want to make sure you see the highlights. If this is a second or third time visiting Rome, here are some itineraries that will help you plan your visit:

Planning A Trip To Rome Alone - Visit Museums

Visit Museums

What To Eat In Rome

Eating in one of Rome’s amazing restaurants can be a challenge for a solo traveler if you feel uncomfortable eating alone in public. Some people are very comfortable grabbing a good book and eating a delicious meal alone, but others, like me, are not. In Rome, there are plenty of amazing restaurants that offer food on the go, so don’t stress. Mercato Centrale or any of the pizzerias offering Pizza al Taglio are great options. Here are some suggestions that should only be considered a starting point:

Planning A Trip To Rome Alone - Enjoy The Architecture

Enjoy The Architecture

Get Started Now Planning Your Trip To Rome

This guide for planning a trip to Rome alone is just a starting point, you should be sure to check out some YouTube videos, travel books and other travel bloggers to get a complete picture of the options available to you when visiting Rome.

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